Automate your processes with BankStaff

and make filling duties with the right staff easier.

Automate your processes with


and make filling duties with the right staff easier.

BankStaff is the UK’s leading solution used to build and operate internal staff banks for all staff groups.

It is uniquely integrated with HealthRoster to enable the filling of gaps in rosters and rotas in the safest and cost-effective manner, saving time and money, and providing visibility to all stakeholders. Designed to enable flexible bank working, BankStaff software also manages the agency relationship and negotiates agency staffing rates, securing value for your money. 

BankStaff enables you to manage bank workers, including professional registration, training/certification, work preferences, annual leave and upload directly from ESR. Workers can self-manage by entering their bank availability, book shifts, view schedules, cancel bookings and enter timesheets via the app or web portal.

Save costs

Reduce your reliance on agency cover by streamlining the bank booking process, enabling your bank staff to focus on covering more expensive shifts 

Reduce risk

Optimise the use of substantive staff and get bank staff with the right skills 

Manage payments

Pay bank staff quickly and easily, and align agency payment with framework agreements


Improve compliance with nationally mandated reporting and annual leave legislation

Build resilience

Effectively manage the deployment of temporary staff with consideration of known availability, qualifications and experience

Discover HealthRoster Optima

Get BankStaff as part of HealthRoster Optima, a powerful all-in-one package that includes HealthRoster and SafeCare. You’ll also get access to our free training and accreditation from the Allocate Academy and a Customer Success Analyst to ensure you get the most from your Allocate solutions.

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Does BankStaff integrate with ESR?

Yes, BankStaff features simple yet sophisticated one-screen, one-click functionality that links seamlessly with ESR to ensure that trusts adhere to NHS protocols.

Which other Allocate solutions does BankStaff integrate with?

Easily extended with BankStaff+ features, integration into 247Time for Direct Engagement, integrated with InstantPay to enable workers to draw down pay as they earn, and to form collaborative bank using CloudStaff. Plus BankStaff also integrates with our Me App and Loop App which allows doctors, nurses, AHPs and more to self-roster, allowing users to manage and book work at their own convenience. It makes it easy to book shifts, manage timesheets and even maintain CVs.

Bankstaff Datasheet

Allocate temporary staffing solutions are the most widely used in the NHS. Designed to ensure that appropriately skilled staff are allocated to all available duties on the roster,
the solution reduces clinical risk and helps to reduce agency spend by ensuring that bank staff fill vacant duties in the most efficient and effective way.


Case Study: Leeds & York Partnership NHSFT

Through the implementation of a paperless bank with HealthRoster BankStaff, Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust has increased staff satisfaction, saved administration time and decreased the amount of unfilled shifts as well as the percentage of shifts going out to agency.

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Brochure: Flexible Solutions for Temporary Staffing

Flexible end-to-end workforce solutions streamline the bank shift booking process and drastically reduce agency spend for even the most complex requirements.