Find out how we work

and the ways we are recognised.

Find out

How We Work

and the ways we are recognised.

Welcome to Allocate UK & Ireland

Quality Standards

Certified to ISO 9001 and Microsoft Gold partner status, we are committed to delivering products to the highest quality. We have held our ISO 9001 accreditation and TickIT certification (the internationally recognised standard of quality and excellence for software development) since 1995. Twice a year auditors from accredited ISO 9001 organisations, undertake a comprehensive, rigorous assessment to ensure that our processes and organisation meet world class standards of quality. This gives our customers confidence that Allocate will deliver robust, reliable products and solutions on time and within budget.

Our certified quality management system also facilitates a consistent product improvement process, ensuring a uniform and predictable output every time. The result is reduced cycle time and improved operational efficiency for customers.

50/50 Network

We believe that balance is the key to a successful organisation. Balance is more than just women’s rights, it is concerned with a company offering overall inclusivity for all of its employees regardless of sex, race, sexual orientation and ability. That is why we launched our 50:50 network, which is a company group, where anyone can join, dedicated to look at creating a working environment that works for everyone enabling them to make the right work/life choices. Both men and women are represented in the network in the spirit of true diversity.

Our 50:50 network is critical in driving our people policies and approaches. We are commited to achieving a 50:50 gender balance by 2022 and will continue to implement strategies to support this goal.