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Improve compliance and reduce case costs with Assure HRCase.

Say goodbye to spreadsheets today.

Improve compliance and reduce case costs with Assure HRCase

Say goodbye to spreadsheets today.

Improved HR case management

Assure HRCase is designed to improve case compliance and increase case load visibility.

Turn paper HR policies into manageable, visible stages and discover how collaborative and proactive case management resolves cases quicker, whilst reducing costs and absence rates.

Say goodbye to spreadsheets today.

Increase the efficiency of your ER cases

Reduce case duration and costs

Significantly reduce your case costs by reducing length and tracking all associated costs with cases.

Maximise case compliance

Build case management workflows in line with your ER policy ensuring procedures are followed correctly every time and within time limits.

Increase your ER teams efficiency

Have full visibility of cases and dashboards, enabling you to review progress and keep everything on track.

Proactive ER analysis

Spot trends and patterns with insightful reporting. Increasing visibility of case costs and lengths allows you to drive change that will have an impact.

“Compared to last year, the HR department is now meeting all of its targets which has improved aspects such as compliance tremendously. The Trust has seen a 40 per cent increase in the number of disciplinary reports completed in three weeks, as well as a 43 per cent increase in the investigations completed within six weeks, allowing the department to run more efficiently to the benefit of both the staff and ultimately the patients”.

Leon Hinton
HR Director of Operational HR at Medway NHS Foundation Trust 


Assure HRCase key features

Configurable workflow management for each case type

Document bundling: download all notes and attachments associated with a case in one click

Dashboards and views provide top line visibility and performance monitoring

Microsoft Outlook Add-in: store correspondence and attachments for a case, straight from your inbox

Create fields specific to your requirements and report on these

Secure central repository for all documents and messages

Powerful reporting to proactively manage cases, reduce case costs, and even prevent cases from happening

Interfaces with HR systems to share information

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