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Our number one priority is ensuring our software and services help health and care organisation gain real-time insight, foresight and hindsight that empowers front-line staff, senior manager and the board so they can ensure the right people are in the right place at the right time.

We know how important getting this right is. Today our HealthSuite software is helping organisations to deliver safer, higher quality care while balancing the demands of cost improvement plans. Many of our team come from diverse roles across health and care organisations and we apply our experience to make sure our solutions deliver benefits, are easy to use and remain relevant to your changing need. HealthSuite, includes HealthRoster, HealthMedics and HealthAssure – the most widely used workforce management, governance and compliance tools in UK healthcare, as well as RealTime PatientFlow our new innovative solutions to help manage discharge, patient flow and care co-ordination.

Safe Staffing

How do you move to real-time patient demand based staffing levels? Watch our animation.

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