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Embrace flexibility.

Make flexible working a reality to empower workers and organisations.



Make flexible working a reality to empower workers and organisations.

We provide solutions for the different types of temporary staff; from bank staff and staff on collaborative banks, to directly engaged contract staff as well as those from agencies.

Gaining control and visibility of your temporary staffing from planning all the way to until payment enables you to realise efficiencies, drive savings and deliver safer patient care. Through our innovative flexible workforce solutions, you can streamline the bank shift and direct engagement booking processes, improve vendor management, simplify payments and drastically reduce agency spend.

Our fully integrated solution means that you have visibility of all staff, substantive, bank and agency, in a single roster view enabling you to use real-time data and information to make informed decisions on temporary staffing request approvals. Additionally, our interface with ESR streamlines the payment process, improves accuracy and saves admin time on processing payments

Creating flexibility for staff to have visibility and feel in control of their working hours provides many benefits for healthcare organisations, not least, happier staff, but also better patient care, reduced absenteeism, increased productivity and enhance employee engagement. Plus using our brand new app Loop employees can book leave and available Bank shifts all in one app.

Find out more with our Flexible Solutions for Temporary Staffing Brochure.

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“The data shows the underlying downward trend in terms of agency spend and usage. The Collaborative Bank has had an impact and contributed to this reduction, ensuring we never use agency staff where bank staff are available.”

Chris Goulding
Director of Workforce, South West London Collaborative Bank Project Lead

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“The financial savings have been significant. For an investment of £565,000 the trust has saved a total of £13.2 million since the launch of the system in 2014.”

John Simon
Head of Temporary Staffing, Barts Health NHS Trust

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Solutions available include:

Allocate AgencyManager

Streamline accurate bookings, timesheets and invoices

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Allocate InstantPay

Unlock financial freedom for your staff.

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Allocate StaffDirect

Provides vendor management, payroll and direct engagement technology to healthcare and enterprise sectors

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Allocate BankStaff+

The bank solution for all staff groups

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Allocate CloudStaff

Collaborative banks made easy

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Allocate Loop

Improve engagement and better manage work-life balance.

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