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Scheduling and eRostering for Nursing and Care Homes

for safer, sustainable care and happier staff.

Care homes

Our Nursing & Care Home Customer Community

  • Plan and deploy people and resources safely, in the most sustainable and fair way
  • Be kind to individual workers, protecting their safety, wellbeing and autonomy
  • Make rostering easier, streamlining processes and achieve cost efficiencies
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Our Nursing & Care Home Customer Community

Sustainable Services

Typically, the workforce accounts for the largest part of an organisation’s budget. Therefore, how nursing and care home rostering is planned and deployed is critical to delivering sustainable services. At RLDatix, we think sustainability is [different to or distinct from] productivity at any cost. With this in mind, our solutions:

  • Put you in control of roster rules, including Working Time Directives (WTD)
  • Carefully match staffing to demand, allowing you to see quickly where areas are under or overstaffed
  • Integrate to payroll, including complex pay rules for pay accuracy
  • Bring all staff into a single roster, including temporary and casual
  • Provide multi-dimensional data insights looking at budgets, safety and staff experience
  • Deliver unmatched interoperability – including payroll, agency and absence technology
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Kind to staff and their wellbeing

We have worked hard to make sure our nursing and care home rostering schedules balance autonomy, fairness and sustainability. Here are some key ingredients that we think help make staff happier at work:

  • Being transparent, fair and consistent in how people are treated in a roster
  • Supporting sustainability through rosters
  • Allowing staff to take control of when and how that works
  • Ensuring every shift is planned with safety in mind, as well as budgets and efficiency
  • Making sure pay is accurate and paid flexibly when needed
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Lighter on admin

Making nursing and care home rostering easier for roster managers means making it easier for them to create safe, kind and sustainable rosters. It also means saving them time – something that is key when many roster creators are also delivering care. Other efficiencies in our solutions include:

  • Easy-to-use user interface
  • Access to the roster and related processes via mobile (using Loop)
  • Provide automated visual assessment of rosters using the Roster Analyser
  • Flexible use of Auto-Roster
  • Payroll and HR integrations
  • Roster from anywhere
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Keeping your workforce in the Loop

We believe that the best teams have clear, open communication, and are engaged in their work. These teams have strong relationships, are passionate about what they do and work together to overcome challenges to reach their common goals. But with teams spread around so many different locations, being able to communicate clearly and effectively can become a complete process in itself.

We believe the teams that communicate well:

  • Are able to communicate with any member of the team, without needing to use personal contact details
  • Are able to get important messages and updates from organisation to staff instantly
  • Are both inclusive to everyone but also targeted to the right people
  • Do more than just a broadcast
  • Should enable organisations and staff to engage with each other
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