Manage who is working, when and where, including locums.


Manage who is working, when and where, including locums.


MedicOnDuty (MoD) creates both simple and complex rosters, meeting the unique needs of the medic and science workforce. The platform integrates with rotas, job plans and service plans, ensuring patient safety is never compromised. It integrates seamlessly with BankStaff+ and also supports integration with many other contingent workforce solutions. 

Total visibility

Identify gaps in rotas ahead of time and view which staff members are available to fill those gaps

Track hours

Ensure rotas adhere to the Working Time Directive and other contractual regulations 

HealthRoster Optima

Get MedicOnDuty as part of HealthMedics Optima, a powerful all-in-one package that includes eJobPlaneRotaActivityManager, Bankstaff Plus , and MedicAppraisal. You’ll also get access to our free training and accreditation from the Allocate Academy and a Customer Success Analyst to ensure you get the most from your Allocate solutions.


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Does MedicOnDuty come with training and support?

Yes, expert training and instant access to the Allocate HealthMedic’s help-desk comes as standard with MedicOnDutyAllocate’s software remains the only one of its kind to come with full-time access to a dedicated customer success team to help you implement our products successfully.

How does MedicOnDuty help to reduce agency spend?

MedicOnDuty grants trusts the chance to reduce their agency expenditure by managing locum shifts better. Through the mobile software doctors gain visibility over available locum shifts so that they can book or express interest before they are sent out to agency.

How does MedicOnDuty support flexible working?

MedicOnDuty provides trusts with scope to accommodate flexible shift patterns for substantive staff, encouraging retention and recruitment of medical workforce with the aim to reduce agency expenditure.