The bank solution for all staff groups.

The bank solution for all staff groups.


LocumOnDuty is changing to BankStaff+

With BankStaff+ you can optimise the temporary staff management of the Medical, Allied Health Professionals and Admin and Clerical workforces. Enable your organisation to reduce agency spend and meet performance targets by integrating with rosters and collaborative banks to fill shifts.

It is easy to implement, and the app can be rolled out quickly to all staff groups.


Allow workers to view available shifts, express interest and book shifts all while on the go using the app.

Improved control

Choose candidates based on skills and experience by viewing uploaded CVs before approving.

Customise pay rates

Adjust pay rates per hour or per session before advertising shifts and send to ESR for easy payroll processing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does BankStaff+ support collaborative/shared bank working?

BankStaff+ is shared bank ready; making it even easier to set up a regional locum bank with partner organisations, by publishing shifts not filled by your own doctors to other locums in the area without incurring agency fees.

How does BankStaff+ support flexible working?

BankStaff+ allows you to manage all aspects of your working life in one place. It allows workers to see relevant duties before agency, both for individual duties and blocks of work, and it allows workers to quickly book or express interest.

How does BankStaff+ support differing payrates?

BankStaff+ is full of doctor specific rich functionality including simplified payment allowing you to set sessional or ad-hoc pay rates (hourly/sessional) for duties, advertise them online to locums and send rates to ESR for easy payroll processing. 

How does BankStaff+ support Allied Health Professionals and Administrative and Clerical workers?

BankStaff+ provides the ability to adjust pay rates, fill whole lines of work instead of ad hoc shifts, review candidates before booking, and check skills and qualification to make sure of the suitability of the candidate for the role. 

BankStaff+ Datasheet

Build upon the benefits of BankStaff by adding BankStaff+, optimising the temporary staff management of the Medical, Allied Health Professionals and Admin and Estates workforce.


Case Study: Medway NHSFT

Medway successfully rolled out Allocate’s MedicOnduty, MedicOnline and BankStaff+ (LocumOnduty) to its team of 550 medics, improving morale and enhancing patient and staff safety, while also reducing base spend on temporary agency locum staff.

Bankstaff+ is the new name for LocumOnDuty.

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