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Manage your employee expenses with Assure Expenses.

Selenity Expenses is changing to Assure Expenses | The expenses solution used by 67% of the NHS in England and Wales.

Manage your employee expenses with Assure Expenses

Selenity Expenses is changing to Assure Expenses | The expenses solution used by 67% of the NHS in England and Wales.

Expense management software

Assure Expenses gives you the tools to proactively manage your employee expenses.

The most configurable expenses system for the NHS. Join more than 150 NHS organisations and take control of your expenses by reducing cost, improving compliance and reporting and saving time. Assure Expenses now processes over £220 million of NHS workforce expenses per year, saving the NHS over £30 million each year.

The intuitive interface makes expense management quick and simple. Enforce policy limits, reduce bottlenecks, and eliminate lost receipts. Spend is accurate and auditable for finance teams and Expenses Mobile allows you to access the platform anywhere, anytime, from any device.

New for 2021: New app brings a user-friendly new look and feel that makes it easier and faster to log expenses. There is a new mileage claim GPS functionality, that allows users to set a start location and end location, and then the app calculates the distance automatically, so you don’t have to. A smart new Optical Character Recognition provides you with the ability to capture expense receipts, and the data on them, digitally which reduces the time it takes to make a claim.

Save time, reduce costs, stay compliant

Proven savings

Unrivalled cost reductions to more than 150 Trusts through accurate claims, visibility of policy limits, and reduced processing costs. NHS ‘Agenda for Change’ mileage reimbursement. Reduce mileage expenses by 20%.

ESR Integration

Reduced manual processing. Claimants can submit claims quickly and easily, whilst approvers have less to check. ESR Integration: single sign-on, bi-directional data, messaging.

Duty of Care Checks

Automatically populate your drivers’ entitlement and endorsement data. DVLA integration: reduce corporate risk with licence, tax, MOT and insurance checks.

Reporting suite

More than 120 built-in reports provide insight into spend. Identify key areas of spend with intelligent data analysis.

Reporting suite

Record, submit and approve expense claims on the go, ensuring they are completed as quickly as possible.

A complete expense management tool

Assure Expenses will bring you a level of compliance offered by no other expenses system, a fully mobilized workforce that can claim and approve expenses without the need to access a PC, an annual savings review and analysis, a user-friendly system, and ultimately a solution configured to deliver the most in cost reductions and efficiencies. We can transition you from your current ESR eExpenses solution seamlessly.

“Assure Expenses has certainly raised the transparency of our procedures and reinforced the organisation’s expenses policy. Not only has it increased the accuracy of claims but also introduced an element of consistency.”

Lee Hickson
Information Systems Manager, City Health Care Partnership

“We’ve saved thousands of pounds on our expenses spend, and thousands of man-hours too. We love the Expenses Mobile app, enhanced reports suite as well as the many specific NHS features including different mileage rules and deductions.”

Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust

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Assure Expenses key features

NHS ‘Agenda for Change’ mileage reimbursement

Easy entry journey validation -business names, road junctions, street names

Configurability - The most configurable expenses system for the NHS

System integration - Sharing data between applications, connect to any rostering system

Home to base - Ensure accuracy and reduce overspend

DVLA integration - Reduce corporate risk with licence checks

Mobile, GPS and OCR - Track and submit claims on the go

Route+ feature gives your people a route for their journey, in line with policy of shortest or fastest journey

Fast, accurate, and compliant expenses.

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