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Confidence you have the right policies, in the right place, making the right impact to your people and patients.


Confidence you have the right policies, in the right place, making the right impact to your people and patients.

Policies matter. Workforce policy matters.

Policies are designed to create safer and sustainable care and protect the welfare of your people.  Not to sit in a digital archive, inaccessible to many and collecting virtual dust.

Take policies off the page and into practice.

Strong policies that are accessible and understood are a key instrument for positive change in your organisation: they bring assurance, consistency of actions and can foster and increase collaboration.

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PolicyStat is used by over 3,000 healthcare organisations worldwide. They’re using it to make positive changes and challenge the status quo.

PolicyStat ensures that you have the right policies in the right place, making the right impact on your people and patients. Read our datasheet now.

Key benefits

Bring your policies to life

Make sure that your people have easy access to the right policies at the right time, from anywhere through a single source of truth.

Take the admin waste out of policy management

Simplify the creation and management of your policies. Eliminate duplicates and unearth unnecessary policies.

Gain assurance

Demonstrate that you have the right policies in the right place, making the right impact. Ensure that policies are up-to-date, regularly reviewed and acknowledged. Comply with the demands of the regulators.

Avoid costs of poor policy adherence

Poor adherence of policies can carry a large cost, whether it is through absenteeism and higher sickness rate, extra administrative costs or monetary and reputational costs from courts and regulatory bodies.

Key features

Standardised content

  • Standardise policy content and styling across locations
  • Reflect policy revisions automatically across all sites
  • Share a policy across multiple locations, as applicable


  • Powerful search-as-you-type technology
  • Rapidly displays information users need
  • Every word of every document is searchable


  • Automated review & approval process
  • Configurable approval flows
  • Approver dashboard, email notifications & reminders


  • Most common searches
  • Policy selected after search
  • Site usage over time
  • Identify gaps in the policy library

Where to start with PolicyStat?

PolicyStat is flexible, so you can start implementing it when you are ready and where it makes a difference to you.

Workforce PolicyStat

Your workforce policies Your organisation’s most valuable asset is your people. They are the life and blood of any healthcare organisation, whether it’s your roster policies (or lack of for certain staff groups), flexible working policies, your induction policy, your leave policy or inclusion and diversity policy.

Aligning those documents to the welfare of your staff (and therefore the care of your patients), and moving them off the page and into action is one of the biggest changes you can make.

Organisation PolicyStat

All of your organisation’s policies – What if you could ensure that all of your organisation’s policies and procedures were up-to-date, easy to find and making the right impact?

From workforce to administrative policies and clinical procedures and guidelines, ensure that policies are an instrument of active change and positive influence instead of a collection of dusty documents.

Collaboration PolicyStat

Policies across your shared or collaborative settings – Sharing and implementing effective policies across a single organisation is not an easy task. When several organisations are involved, this can quickly become seemingly impossible.

PolicyStat’s ability to make sure that policies originating from a single source of truth are easily available across several organisations, makes it a powerful tool to ensure that you are in a strong position to effectively align and collaborate.

This aligning of policies will help to deliver high-quality services and care for patients across the collaborative.

Twelve months after implementation, Greater Baltimore Medical Center shared a survey with staff and found that 90.23% of nursing staff were satisfied with PolicyStat. Additionally, the survey results indicated that nursing staff were able to easily find the correct policy during their first policy search with 87.20% accuracy.

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