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Flexible Working.

Supporting teams and individuals to embrace flexible working.

We firmly believe in the benefits of flexible working. It is good for staff and good for organisations.

That is why we embrace it in our own organisation and why we make sure our software supports our customer with all the different types of flexible working options.

More than temporary staffing

How many times have you heard ‘flexible’ and ‘Temporary, casual or bank’  in the same breath? As if the only option for flexibility is to opt to take temporary shifts or join the ‘gig economy’. We think this is all wrong. Temporary staff are an important part of the workforce and while working this way suits some people it is only one of the options for flexible working, that is why our solutions do more.

Team Based Rosters

Predictability of work for many is an important aspect of flexible working. Auto-allocation of shifts can and should reflect this kind of flexibility. For example, where individuals in a team have agreed which times they can and can not work our erosters and rotas will reflect these preferences.


Empower your staff to  self-roster. Self rostering doesn’t reduce the need to comply with roster rules that safe-guard hours worked or skills or other safety measures. It means that if a member of staff is suitable, they can elect to work a shift. Some countries we work with fill the majority of shifts through self-rostering, while others use a blended approach, only auto-allocating shifts after a period of self-rostering.

Embracing Flexibility in Annual Leave and Study Leave

How we organize time away from work is as important as how we organization time at work. That is why we support a flexible approach to annual leave and study leave. The rules engine, person information in our roster combined with mobile self service empowers staff to book leave that suits them while safe-guarding care delivery.

The app format made it much easier for staff to access rosters, wherever and whenever they wanted, and provided new functions such as swapping shifts between themselves. It gave them more flexibility and control than they’d had before, letting them manage all aspects of their work/life balance from their phone, which is increasingly important to the next generation of workforce.”

Lisa Cooper, Medical e-Rostering Project LeadCalderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust

Self Rostering

Team Based Rosters


Safe Guards for Safety


Flexible staffing Rules Engine

Leave and Study

Temporary Staffing

Safe Guard Budgets

Flexible Pay

From Planning to Pay

Our solutions support the entire roster lifecycle from planning to pay. This matters as flexibility can be introduced at each stage, for example a planned team based roster may reflect a number of flexible shift patterns, while a live roster may reflect changes in circumstance in advance of a shift and right up to the day of a shift. We make it easy to embrace flexible working at each stage while maintaining a current view of the planned, live or worked roster.

We think flexibility extends to when someone is paid for the work they do. Allocate InstantPay solution allows staff to draw down pay for work they have done at anytime.

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