At Allocate we operate in fast-moving, complex environments which demand that organisations optimise the deployment of their most valuable asset: their people.

We bring an in-depth market knowledge and wide-ranging expertise to the development of innovative solutions designed to drive the inefficiencies out of people-orientated processes while maintaining and improving service quality.

Our teams work with customers on a collaborative basis, enabling them to respond rapidly to new challenges and opportunities with passion and enthusiasm.

We set exceptionally high standards and deliver support and service that is world-class, building strong long-term relationships with our customers based on trust and commitment.

At Allocate, we expect tomorrow to be different to today. We are dedicated to continually evolving not just our products but also our organisation, so that customers know they can rely on us to deliver tangible results now, even while we are building the solutions they will need in the future.

Our Story

Our company’s story began in 1991 with the first significant contract awarded in 1995, where our first products helped British defence organisations optimise force deployment and training management. It soon became clear that the same skills and expertise could be applied to other organisations with complex, multi-skilled workforces, enabling us to win our first contract with the NHS (UK Health Service) in 2006. Since then the Allocate’s reputation and experience in managing and optimising complex work force environments has increased considerably. We are now the leading provider of workforce optimisation and governance risk and compliance solutions in the UK NHS market and also providing these services and solutions to Healthcare customers in 11 countries worldwide. If other markets are included Allocate is now present in 13 countries in total. This has contributed to continued success and growth (39% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR)) during the last five years and today over one million people are deployed in over 700 organisations using our software and services.

Allocate Software initially launched presence in Australia in 2010. In 2011, we acquired Melbourne-based RosterOn, an Australian-based provider of workforce management software for the healthcare market.

RosterOn had achieved success in the Australian market owing in great part to the Award Interpretation capability, able to automate payroll transaction processing for Australian industrial awards. Since 2011, the acquisition has accelerated our momentum in Australia in meeting the demand for rostering, labour management, and the time and attendance software needs of public and private sector organisations. Today, Allocate Software has over 70 Australian customers across the healthcare, defence, and commercial sectors.

Today we have a global presence, with UK headquarters in London, regional offices in the UK, Australia, Macedonia and the Nordics, providing services and support to an international customer base across Europe, North America and Asia Pacific.

Recent Acquisitions

Our strong organic growth has been complemented by carefully selected acquisitions, adding six new companies to the Group during the last four years, our recent acquistions include:

Allocate Software acquired 247 Time in December 2018. 247 Time is a provider of contingent workforce technology solutions including vendor management, direct engagement and payroll services.

The 247 Time team had extensive experience of the challenges around recruitment and management of contingent workforce, seeing a gap in the provision of technology that would streamline processes and over greater control they formed 247 Time in 2011. Today their customers range from the NHS trusts, Logistics Industry, Care Homes, Facilities management and Councils.

The acquisition of 247 Time will enable end-to-end links between agency systems and bank and eRostering software so healthcare organisations can source staff quickly, safely and cost-efficiently. The global shortage of healthcare staff means that organisations in many countries are reliant on staffing agencies.

This supports Allocate’s strategy to develop an interoperable ecosystem of solutions and partners to further increase the benefits of Allocate’s core Optima platform, including its HealthRoster and HealthMedics solutions.

Allocate Software acquired RealTime Health ltd in July 2012. RealTime Health Ltd was incorporated in 2008 to ensure a development home and a commercial future for the RealTime product. As a concept, RealTime is the brainchild of Dr. Jess Boyer and Dave Nurse (Chief Medical Officer and Chief Technical Officer respectively of RealTime Health Ltd), who joined forces in late 2006 while working for different organisations to help acute hospitals reduce length of stay through clinical service improvement. This clinical service improvement is achieved via a combination of clinical performance improvement consultancy and supporting ‘decision support’ software. An informal organisation known as the ‘RealTime Alliance’ was created in 2007 in the UK to allow a forum for best-of-breed participating companies to cooperate on length of stay reduction projects. The methodology derives from Eagle Medical Management LLC in the US through Dr. Jess Boyer, who is their principal consultant. The initial software development was the responsibility of CSW Group Ltd in the UK under the management and designs of Dave Nurse, who was their CTO. The RealTime Business Unit that was set up to create a commercially viable business was housed in CSW Group Ltd and headed up by Jim Gabriel, now CEO of RealTime Health Ltd. Find out more about Allocate RealTime products.

Acquired in December 2009, Time Care AB is a leading Swedish-based provider of workforce management software, with a strong focus on the healthcare market.
This acquisition gives Allocate a strong geographic footprint in the Nordic region, particularly in Sweden, where Time Care has customer relationships with some 57 hospitals and 110 of Sweden’s 290 municipalities .The consolidation of Allocate and Timecare will create one of the leading providers of workforce management software for the healthcare sector in Europe.
Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Time Care was founded in 1993 and is a leading provider of workforce management and optimisation software for the healthcare market in the Nordic region. Time Care has developed workforce management software for self-rostering, giving employees the ability to select their own work rosters subject to management-defined parameters. It is also the leading external provider of workforce management software to the police force in Sweden. In total, Time Care has over 200 clients. Visit the Time Care website

RosterOn is a leading, local Australian provider of staff rostering software, principally for the Australian healthcare market, acquired in July 2011 to accelerate Allocate’s expansion into the Australian market.

RosterOn was founded in 2002 and is based outside Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. It is a leading provider of rostering, labour management, and time and attendance software in Australia, with 17 employees. RosterOn has developed an interpretation engine specifically for Australian Awards – complex rules for wage fixing arrangements relating to minimum pay, minimum number of breaks per hour, minimum level of overtime compensation and pay related activities (e.g. working through a break).

All of RosterOn’s customers are based in Australia, 43 are in the healthcare sector: a complementary fit to Allocate’s existing presence in Australia, with two state wide projects underway.

Acquired in August 2011, Zircadian is the leading provider of software and consultancy services for managing hospital doctors in the NHS in the UK, significantly enhancing Allocate’s product portfolio and the value that we can bring to our customer base both within the NHS and elsewhere.

Its customer base includes over 142 UK organisations and 107 NHS Trusts who principally use its custom built software applications, Junior Doctor Portal and Consultant Portal. The Junior Doctor Portal is an online gateway providing rota management, e-monitoring, e-rostering and locum management. The Consultant Portal provides access to solutions for consultant job planning, leave management, activity rostering, and appraisal and revalidation.

Zircadian was founded in 2000 by two doctors and since then has expanded and diversified to become the leading SaaS provider of software to plan the rotas of junior doctors and consultants in the NHS. Read more about these products which are now under the Allocate HealthMedics brand