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Driving down the cost of safer patient transport

A free online marketplace of approved and competitively priced transport providers

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“It’s going to help us implement a completely new way of working. At the moment, with the transport distribution service, we’re using it to replicate the way we’ve been working for quite some time. That’s going to help us to understand where we’re putting our effort, where we’ve got time-wasting, and then we can start improving our service.” 

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Save up to 15% on your patient transportation costs

The health and care expenditure for non-emergency patient transport is upwards of £460 million per year, with individual trusts paying in excess of £5 million for transport that is quite possibly incompliant, unreliable and above a competitive rate.

The results? An ongoing cycle of high ad-hoc costs and potentially missed patient appointments due to the reliability of out-of-area providers.

Get greater control on transportation quality and spend

With costs under continuous scrutiny and patient safety at the forefront of organisational goals, how can you be sure that you’re choosing the most cost-effective, responsive and safest travel for your patients? Here’s your opportunity to make a simple yet compelling impact on your costs, your patients and your organisation – the time to change the direction of NHS travel is now!

Allocate Transport Marketplace is a digital platform for approved transport Providers and the only solution of its kind. It’s free for healthcare organisations to use and can be implemented in as little as 24 hours.

Each year, Allocate Transport Marketplace helps to dispatch 19 million journeys with pre-approved providers. They do this through a secure cloud-based platform that enables users to publicise their requirements. Providers then bid for your work, from individual journeys to block bookings, meaning you’ll always have your pick of the best prices and most reliable transport.

Free digital procurement platform

Free and secure cloud-based platform, with a fully auditable digital process to support invoice validation.

Competitive transportation prices 

Fully compliant and competitive purchasing of patient transport, where providers are price-ranked based on bidding outcomes.  

Gain assurance on patient safety 

Access to an accredited network of transport providers who have been vetted against the appropriate compliance regulations and regularly monitored for reliability.  

Access a wide variety of responsive providers 

From individual journeys to block bookings, unlock greater transportation planning and improve demand forecasting through assisted reporting. 


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Free for NHS

Only solution of it’s kind and free for the NHS

Why use Allocate Transport Marketplace?

“The main benefit is the ease of having someone else taking away the time-consuming part of your job. I know that I can just call with all of the information and trust that I’ll get a quick response to fulfil my requirements.”

Access a pre-approved network of safe and cost-effective providers in as little as one day

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