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Discover the simple job planning solution used by over 60,000 clinical professionals.

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There’s been a very obvious benefit in terms of finance. Overall the medical task force and Allocate’s contribution to supporting that has saved the trust £6 million.


Clinical Users


Organisations using Allocate JobPlan


Job Plans Created a Year

Making it simple for everyone to create their Job Plans

  • A simple and intuitive user interface
  • Developed with healthcare organisations for nearly 20 years.
  •  Suitable for all staff groups including doctors, AHPs, nurses,      pharmacists and more.

All this makes Allocate JobPlan easy for everyone to create their own job plans in next to no time. Meaning people can focus on delivering their job plans rather than just creating them.

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With you every step of the way

With 20 years of creating job planning solutions and a team with first hand experience of delivering job planning, we are here to support you with every aspect of job planning.

  • Our services team help you to implement your new job planning process smoothly and swiftly.
  • Our dedicated Customer Success team and job planning specialists are able to answer any questions you have, and helping you make sure you get the most of your job planning processes.
  • We offer a regular series of ‘Here to Help’ webinars to help you further improve your job planning practices, with input from our product specialists and other Allocate JobPlan users.
  • Learn more with our online and accredited Academy Courses.
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Don’t just tick a box. Job Plan the way that works for you.

From individual and team plans, to demand & capacity based plans, it’s all possible with Allocate JobPlan. This is so you can job plan in a way that doesn’t just tick a box but can make a difference into how you deliver essential healthcare services.

Discover different ways to create Job Plans

From planning to delivery

Unique to RLDatix, you can integrate your JobPlans with our eRostering solution, Allocate Optima, to turn your plans into deliverable, real world rosters.

Discover more about Allocate Optima

A solution that simply works for everyone

We have developed Allocate JobPlan to be simple enough that any clinical can pick up and create their job plans. Allocate Job plan enables your clinical to:

  • Create job plans in next to no time, using either pre-populated templates, or from scratch.
  • Customise your activity language that matches what you deliver.
  • Project their time destinated for annual leave and training.
  • Maximise their direct clinical care.

For everyone else in your organisation, using Allocate JobPlan:

  • Gives you a Comprehensive reporting suite that improves visibility of your job plans for everyone to see and analysis.
  • Allows you to set sign off levels that works for whatever your management structure is.
  • Leads to less cancelled lists and clinics, delivering a better service and direct cost savings.
  • Less cancelled lists and clinics
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Plan for the future. Not the past.

When creating job plans, you need to know what you need to deliver.

Our new demand and capacity modelling means you can create job plans that align with what your clinicians and service actually need to deliver, so you can manage your resources safely and efficiently, to help combat the care backlog.

  • Create job plans that are realistic and deliverable
  • Combat the Care Backlog
  • Meet the needs of your patients
Discover more about Demand and Capacity Planning

Job Planning. Done Your Way

Allocate JobPlan enables you to create job plans in a way that is right for your people and organisation.

Individual Job Plans

  • Enable your people and clinical managers to collaboratively create personal jobs
  • Everyone has visibility throughout the sign off process
  • Simple or complex job plans? All possible with Allocate JobPlan

Demand & Capacity Job Plans

  • Agree as a team what needs to be delivered
  • Gives individuals a guide to create their personal job plans
  • Everyone is aligned so the whole team succeeds and effectively shares the workload

Team Based Job Plans

  • Base your job plans on the demands of your organisation and capacity of your people
  • Create a true reflection of what you need to deliver/what you are able to deliver

Hear from those using Allocate JobPlan

Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust have effectively embedded job planning across the trust, with 98% of consultants singing of job plans linked to annual activity.

RLDatix’s solutions have given us visibility of medical workforce issues in a way that wasn’t possible with a paper-based system.

Dr Andy HaynesExecutive Medical Director
Read the case study

St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust have rolled out job planning and eRostering to their Allied Health Professionals.

We have managed to reduce admin time for our therapy workers by devolving that to the therapy admin team, increasing the capacity of our therapy workforce

Anne MoultonTherapy Manager
Read the full case study

The software has received a number of updates over the last year and the improvements keep coming. We are pleased that RLDatix has made upgrades linked to suggestions on the Ideas Portal such as the ‘All activities’ view.
In the coming months we are excited about communicating the Demand and Team Planning tools to those that wish to use them around our Trust.
The improved software has transformed the experience of our users.

Tim MacDonald WatsonJob Planning Lead, Medical Workforce

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Release 1.6.0 has arrived

Discover what new features are in the latest update over on the Support Portal.

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Job Planning Webinar Series

Watch back our series of Job Planning webinar run by our Customer Success team.

In these webinars, the team cover preparing JobPlan for your organisation, how best to engage with users and doctors, and practical steps in the day-to-day job planning process.

Watch Back June's Community Catch Up

Hear from the team at RLDatix on the latest hot topics about all things job planning, as well as an update on our product roadmap and what resource’s are available to you in the RLDatix academy.

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