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Experience the one-stop app for your workforce to communicate, engage, and manage their roster

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Sort out the admin from anywhere.

No checking the noticeboard. No paper forms. No waiting on hold.

Thanks to its integration with our Optima rostering solution, Allocate Loop means your employees take control of their work life admin, anytime and anywhere.

With Loop, they can instantly:

  • View their personal and team roster
  • See what activities they are scheduled for
  • Book leave requests
  • Request bank shifts
  • Log call outs
  • Clock in and out
  • And more.
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Don’t Broadcast. Communicate!

Get your message across on a highly engaged platform, as well as opening up two way communications to engage with everyone.

With personalised Newsfeeds, Likes & Comments, as well as in-built Surveys and Polls, you can go from just ‘talking at’ your workforce to ‘talking with’ your people.

Discover How Organisations Have Improved Their Communications

A place for your community

Strengthen your workplace community and help make you a great place to work.

  • Get added to a group once the roster is published, to meet and chat with your teammates
  • Create and follow specialist interest pages for colleagues to bond with each other
  • Add colleagues as connections and message each other
  • Connects together all workforce groups, including your temporary, remote and occasional workers
  • Enable your junior doctors to connect with their new teammates before starting their rotation
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A safe space. For everyone.

Any workplace should always be a safe space. With Allocate Loop, your people can feel safe in the knowledge that:

  • Only those who work at your organisation can get ‘in the loop’
  • You don’t need to share personal contact details to connect with colleagues
  • Anyone can report bullying and concerns anonymously
  • Simple for your admin team to moderate
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Bank Shifts. Filled.

Remove the hassle of finding people to fill shifts and reliance on costly last minute agency staff, and get your vacant duties filled sooner.

With Loop and Allocate’s temporary staffing solutions, you can directly engage with your internal and collaborative banks and make shifts bookable at the touch of a button.

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Organisations Live with Loop

Hear from those using Loop

In early 2023, the organisation introduced Loop to their workforce as a replacement for Allocate Me. They took us through how they rolled out Loop, and what they have seen since it's introduction.

“We wanted to rollout to the entire organisation rather than a phased rollout, this captures our vision of “one team". We are a Roster team of 3 people that maintain over 200 rostered units, so rolling out to everyone at once made the most sense for us".

Read the full case study

Connectivity issues and aging solutions for staff accessing their rosters meant they wanted to offer an upgraded offering for their workforce. So they decided to introduce Loop.

When we launched, we went for a Big Bang approach. We had pop-up locations promoting Loop and went to every ward making sure we spoke with staff individually about Loop. We really focused on keeping it very personal when launching

Read the full case study

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Portsmouth University Hospital NHS Trust

Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust

Belfast Health and Social Care Trust

North Devon Hospice

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Hear from James Paget University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Check out the latest customer story from James Paget University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust on how they successfully introduced Loop to the entire organisation with a big bang rollout.

Hear from Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital

Check out the latest customer story from Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital on how they successfully rolled out Allocate Loop to the entire organisation, including their junior doctors who have seen a huge benefit from using Loop.

Import Calendars with Release 3.2

You can now import your personal calendars into Loop, so everything is kept in one place. Find out more from the team over on the Support Portal

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