Roster Clinics

Covid-19 Resource Centre | UK edition

Covid-19 Resource Centre | UK edition

Roster Clinics

Over the coming weeks, a member of your roster or temp staffing team might become unable to work for a number of days. To help ensure you are prepared for this and still able to support clinical staff and the wider teams with the core processes of creating, approving and reporting on rosters and managing bank, we have created a series of Roster Clinics.

These clinics are designed to quickly train additional members of your organisation on core rostering processes should your core team members become unable to work.

Each clinic is between 60 and 75 minutes long. It has a set curriculum designed to enable a beginner to support key processes quickly. The curriculum will be the same each day.

The roster clinics are free of charge for all customers.

Roster clinics on demand

Our special roster clinics are repeated twice a week. You can quickly upskill your stand-by or cover staff on basic roster and bank processes by joining a roster clinic.

The clinics are free of charge for all customers and there are no limits to the number of colleagues who can attend.

You can also access the recording of the clinics below to watch them in your own time.

If you are faced with a more serious gap in the team, for example because you have recalled clinical staff from the roster team to deliver care, we have the ability to offer an outsourced roster and bank admin service. For details email [email protected]

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Got a question about Roster Clinics? Please email: [email protected]