COVID-19 Resource Centre | UK edition | Hints & Tips

COVID-19 Customer Resource Centre | HInts & Tips

The team at Allocate understand the impact COVID-19 is having or is likely to have on our customers. In a period where there is an anticipated increase in staff sickness and extra demand for services we want to support you to ensure our Healthcare People Management (HPM) technology is helping to monitor and deploy your people as safely as possible.

As part of this support we have compiled a series of hints, tips and reminders that you may wish to consider. We will keep these hints and tips updated over the coming days and weeks. The Allocate customer community has a strong tradition of sharing experience and innovation, if you have any feedback or useful additions to this list of hints or tips please email [email protected] and we will add them to this document for wider sharing.

1. Tips on using HealthRoster & HealthMedics during coronavirus (part 1)

11th March 2020

2. Tips on using HealthRoster & HealthMedics during coronavirus (part 2)

20th March 2020

3. National COVID-19 absence tracking & reporting

23rd March 2020

4. HealthRoster: COVID-19 absence recording & ESR impacting pay

1st April 2020

5. HealthRoster: Additional staff groups for absence recording

2nd April 2020

6. COVID-19: Hints and tips for the next stage

29th May 2020