40% of all agency hours are worked by staff who have NHS contracts*


Considering a collaborative bank?
Compare your Trust, STP or ICS to the regional workforce movements


*Based on the analysis of 118 NHS Trusts, June 2020
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CloudStaff supports you to share bank and locum workforces to create a regional collaborative bank. It acts as a third line of defence after good rostering and internal bank staff fulfilment.

CloudStaff allows organisations to fill more shifts from a wider pool of available and known quality staff to significantly reduce agency spend as well as back office admin.

Considering a collaborative bank?

40% of all agency hours are worked by staff who have NHS contracts. 67% of those come from the top 5 neighbouring organisations, based on the Allocate analysis of 118 Trusts.

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Improve efficiency

shared workforce bank with intelligent workflow and rules takes the hard work out of matching and booking the right staff to available shifts or duties

Increase attractiveness

CloudStaff is flexible and increases the number of shifts available which makes working for a regional staff bank more attractive than agency

Reduce patient risk

Patients will experience greater continuity of care, from staff experienced in and familiar with their working environment

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We use HealthRoster and/or BankStaff - How do we start using CloudStaff?

That’s great, you are ready for CloudStaff. Identify a Trust to partner with and start now, get in touch to arrange a demo.

What does it take to set up a collaborative staff bank?

You can start by joining up with just one partner trust and then scale up with other multiple trusts and staff groups. The CloudStaff QuickStart Toolkit guides you through the process and gets you up and running quickly. Our team can also support you so get in touch to find out more.

Does CloudStaff integrate with other Allocate workforce management systems?

Yes. CloudStaff seamlessly integrates with HealthRoster and BankStaff to allow the easy flow of information and data, eliminating the need for double entry.