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Your new app to keep you in control of your worklife

and connected with your workmates

What is Loop?

Loop is the brand new app for health and care workers that allows you to stay connected with your workmates, in the loop with your workplaces’ latest news and in full control of your work life.

Five Stars

“Loving the Allocate Loop app very helpful and useful in my job in the NHS working shift work in hospitals works perfect”

Apple App Store Review | 26th June 2022

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How do I use Loop?

Want to find out more about the Loop experience? Watch our short videos to find out how Loop can work for you.

Already using Loop and got a question?

Read our FAQs to answer any questions you may have about using Loop.

Why use Loop?

Manage your work life admin anytime and anywhere.

No need to share personal contact details to connect with your workmates.

Easy to stay in the loop with your colleagues and your organisation.

Don’t blur the lines between home and personal. Keep all work communications in one app.

I want to get #IntheLoop

If your organisation is already using Loop, then you can download the app today and start using it.

Just search ‘Allocate Loop’ in your app store.

You’ll just need your EmployeeOnline ID to connect to your organisation

For more information on how to connect or using Loop, check out our FAQs.

If your organisation isn’t #InTheLoop yet, tell them you want to be!

Just fill out our form with a few details and we’ll let your organisation know you want to start using Loop.