Engage workers the way you want to

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Traditionally, when filling vacant shifts, organisations must source their temporary staff from agencies. Allocate 247TimeDirectEngage changes the way that organisations engage with their staff and enables them to achieve financial savings, greater control, and further transparency.

By using 247TimeDirectEngage, organisations pay the temporary worker direct, pay the agency a ‘finder’s fee’, avoid any unnecessary VAT charges and the entire process is fully automated.

Fully integrated with HealthRoster, combine 247TimeDirectEngage with Allocate AgencyManager to provide a powerful agency management platform.


Straightforward compliance with HMRC rules and candidate documentation.


Streamline processes and reduce administration time.

Cost reduction

Save 20% VAT on applicable salaries and reduce agency costs.

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How long does the system take to implement?

Implementation usually takes around four weeks. The whole implementation is overseen by the our team and follows a tried-and-tested pattern.

How does DirectEngagement work?

DirectEngagement provides a neutral technology platform to allow organisations to pay temporary staff directly by an organisations payroll or by AllocatePay (instead of by the agencies).

The agency is then paid commission separately by the trust. The platform handles all your cost-centre information, grades and finance codes pay rates and job roles.