Empower staff and make working lives easier with Me

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The future of Me is Loop.


The Me App empowers your staff to manage and book work at their own convenience. It makes it easy to book and swap shifts, secure leave and make requests to work

Me is the next generation app replacing EmployeeOnline and MedicOnline. The app is available free of charge to all Allocate customers.

Retain and attract staff

Me improves the working lives of staff. It gives predictability and flexibility and allows them to take control

Reduce agency spend

Me allows you to intelligently grow your bank and reduce agency spend

Embrace flexibility

Me makes it easy for organisations to embrace flexible working practices such as making requests and self-rostering

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The Me App empowers your staff to manage and book work at their own convenience. It makes it easy to book and swap shifts, secure leave and make requests to work.


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How does Me support clinical governance?

Me uses the data on staff, skills and duties from HealthRosterBankStaff and the HealthMedics software. This makes it more reliable and it allows us to safeguard against compliance and rule breakages when using Me as self-rostering software.

How does Me reduce admin and save time?

Doctors, nurses and care staff can use the app on the go to view timesheets for accuracy, make changes and confirm for processingeliminating paper-based admin. They can also save time by viewing their rota from their smartphone wherever they are in the world to request and manage shift swaps with one another. Me enables organisations to empower staff with flexiblworking practices.

Is it possible for clinicians to view pay rates for shifts?

Yes, clinicians can view the pay rates for all bank shifts, for those that are booked and those that could be booked.