Unlock financial freedom for your staff
Implement InstantPay in a week at no charge to your organisation

The financial health of your staff matters. Staff without financial concerns are happier, they have fewer days absence and they are more likely to stay at your organisation longer. All of which impacts the care your organisation delivers to patients.

Allocate InstantPay helps you better support the financial wellbeing of your people, by allowing them to directly access part of their wages as they’re earned, at the touch of a button.

From time to time we all experience unplanned financial surprises. Many people turn to short term loans or suffer in silence if they need to manage an unexpected expense. Allocate InstantPay can help your staff avoid loans and manage the unexpected by giving them access to their own money that they have earned.

Allocate InstantPay is powered by Wagestream.

Improve patient care

  • Less stress means improved performance, allowing your staff to focus on patient care
  • Reduces sickness absence by decreasing stress

Attract and retain staff

  • Offers a highly-valued employee benefit that empowers your staff and promotes wellbeing
  • Available to substantive and bank staff

Cover hard-to-fill shifts

  • Let staff get paid instantly for any extra shifts they’ve worked
  • Incentivises staff to work through your bank rather than agency
  • Allows you to easily create extra incentives for hard-to-fill

Save resources

  • Removes the need for pay advances, which take time and are expensive to process
  • Enables staff to be paid however regularly they require, without having to change your payroll system
  • Less sickness absence due to stress will reduce your reliance on agency staff to cover shifts

InstantPay is free to healthcare organisations with HealthRoster

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Let your people access their wages as they’re earned.


How does InstantPay work?

Allocate InstantPay is delivered through Wagestream, an Allocate Connect partner.

By automatically extracting the data from your Allocate workforce deployment systems – for both substantive and flexible workers – and linking it with Wagestream’s financial wellbeing technology solution, we are able to deliver you a unique solution combining the best of companies that are experts in their fields.