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Implemented in less than two weeks and utilising your existing technology, CloudStaff helps you to gain access to more staff from surrounding trusts to specifically support your vaccine shift fulfillment.

The solution ensures that trusts can use their existing controls, reporting, rules and governance through the integration with HealthRoster, meaning it’s the most cost-efficient, tightly governed and easiest way to source and manage staff.

Staff payments are configured and facilitated at ease, with the Lead Trust paying vaccine staff through the Electronic Staff Record (ESR). The process, including recharges, is delivered through an automated gateway between HealthRoster and ESR, all of which can be set-up between the cluster within five days.

Early successes achieved through newly implemented collaborative banks are highlighting increased access to more staff with improved visibility of shifts and a higher volume of self-fulfilled shifts as an outcome of staff using the Allocate ME app and Employee Online (EOL).

If you would like to find out more about how CloudStaff can support your vaccination delivery, please contact us at [email protected].

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