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RLDatix is excited to announce that Associated Wellbeing has joined our Allocate Optima family. This collaboration signifies a significant step for Associated Wellbeing as they transition from manual rostering and scheduling via spreadsheets to our advanced automated system.

A Step Towards Efficiency

Associated Wellbeing, a dedicated provider of mental health care services to young individuals aged 8 to 25, recognised the critical need for a more robust way or managing their workforce. With a workforce of 150 employees, the organisation sought a solution to streamline its operations. They chose Allocate Optima, influenced by one of their directors who had experienced the system’s benefits firsthand a previous organisation.

Allocate Optima is renowned for its versatility, serving various healthcare professionals, from doctors and nurses to allied health professionals (AHPs) and care assistants. Regardless of the organisation’s size, Allocate Optima caters to all needs, making it the perfect fit for Associated Wellbeing.

A Perfect Match

Jonny Newsham, Head of Independent Healthcare and Partnerships, from RLDatix, expressed his enthusiasm about the new partnership:

“We are thrilled to have Associated Wellbeing onboard, using Allocate Optima. Mental health care for young people is so important, so we are thrilled to be able to support them with their rostering and scheduling.”

Effortless Implementation and Maintenance

One of the standout features of Allocate Optima is its ability to be implemented quickly, significantly reducing the burden on our customers. Our dedicated implementation team works closely with organisations to ensure a seamless transition from manual rostering to our advanced system. The process is designed to minimise downtime and disruption, allowing Associated Wellbeing to continue focusing on their primary mission of delivering exceptional mental health care. Furthermore, Allocate Optima is maintained easily within the rostering team, reducing the administrative burden and freeing up valuable time for staff.

Highly Configurable and Adaptable

Allocate Optima’s high configurability makes it an excellent tool for both clinicians and administrators. The software can be tailored to meet the specific needs of any healthcare setting, ensuring ease of use while maintaining the complexity required to manage diverse rostering challenges. Whether dealing with large, complex rosters or managing smaller sites with specific clinical needs, Allocate Optima handles it all with efficiency and precision. This adaptability ensures that all users, regardless of their role or the size of their organisation, can leverage the full capabilities of the system to enhance operational efficiency and improve patient care.

With these robust features, Allocate Optima is well-equipped to support Associated Wellbeing in their mission to provide essential mental health care services to young individuals. Our partnership underpins the reliability and effectiveness of our system, and we look forward to empowering their team with tools that streamline operations and enhance care delivery.

Supporting Mental Health Care

The integration of Allocate Optima into Associated Wellbeing’s operations underscores our commitment to supporting mental health care services. By supporting Associated Wellbeing with the efficient rostering of their staff, leaving them to focus on delivering exceptional care to their young patients.

We proudly welcome Associated Wellbeing into our growing family and look forward to supporting their mission to provide crucial mental health care to young people.

For more information about how Allocate Optima can help streamline rostering and scheduling in care homes, contact us today to talk to our team.

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