Leave and on call management designed for doctors

MedicOnline is a simple and engaging solution to manage medic availability, including leave, study and on call rotas. Our mobile solution is designed to benefit medics’ working lives empowering them with information and control.

The solution helps medics to:

  • View their own and  others’ on call rotas
  • Quickly record call outs
  • Book leave and study quickly, and ensure leave is effectively managed
  • Leave rules can ensure leave is well distributed, without undesirable leave spikes
  • View and manage  leave entitlement
  • Record, manage and analyse sickness
  • Integrate with iCal for better visibility with personal or  family calendars

What our customers have said…

"The medics leave planning process has demonstrated a 33% reduction in the number of steps required to complete a view of medic availability"

Aintree University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust