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Medics Monthly Round Up | April 2024

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April saw our first Medics User Group gather together to discuss all things Medics Workforce Management. With over 110 people from 90 organisations, it was amazing to see so many people come together to discuss medics rostering, job planning and share best practices amongst each other.

Highlights from the Medics User Group included:

  • The team at Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust share their insights and learnings on the medics rostering experience.
  • Sharing different organisation’s insights and recommendations on team sizes and structures for Medical Rostering Teams and Medical Rota Co-Ordinators.
  • Chris Bond, Medics Rostering Specialist, shared with the group how to self-roster your medical workforce, and the importance of doing so when it comes to to retention and flexibility.
  • Looking ahead at Allocate JobPlan and Allocate Rota product roadmap deep dive, and much more.

If you are interested in joining our next MUG, reach out to the team at [email protected]

We’re pleased that Cambridge Community Services NHS Trust have gone live with Assure Appraisal across their medical workforce. A big thank you to Karen Childs, Project Manager at Cambridge Community Services NHS FT, for sharing feedback on the go-live and the implementation consultant, Catriona Larg.

‘Catriona has been an invaluable support from the beginning of the e-360 Appraisal implementation project. She has guided us through the data collection process, delivered thorough training sessions both for our medical staff and the team who will be taking over as system administrators and has been on hand to resolve issues and answer queries from our staff during these early days of implementation.’

As we drive to help our community to successfully introduce rostering to their medical workforce, we are undertaking research. To understand resourcing components that different organisations have in place, we would like your input.

To help do this, we would like you to complete our short survey that will help us with recommendations that we will lay out about Medical Rostering Teams and Medical Rota Co-Ordinators, based on medics headcount. We will use these finding to help all organisations we work with in getting the right resource when embarking on their medics rostering journey.

You can complete the survey on the link below.

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