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HealthRoster is used in over 300 organisations across the UK and Ireland. Developed to meet the specific needs of roster administrators at health and care organisations, it delivers proven, intelligent, end-to-end staff management based on one consolidated view of all staff groups and all staff types, whether substantive, bank or agency.


Safer staffing

Bring workforce and patient acuity together to match staffing levels to patient need.

Joined-up working

Roster across multiple locations and disciplines, integrating doctors, nurses and other staff.

Complete HR

Complete HR – Connect rostering with ESR, including payroll details, to streamline the administrative process.

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Get HealthRoster as part of HealthRoster Optima, a powerful all-in-one package that includes BankStaff and SafeCare.

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How does HealthRoster provide cost savings?

  • HealthRoster integrates with BankStaff or NHSP to ensure that all vacant duties are filled in the most efficient and safest way.
  • Highlights and reduces avoidable costs by better utilisation of the workforce.
  • Streamlines operations by automating payroll and absence processes.
  • Reduced dependency on bank and agency staff.

What does HealthRoster integrate with?

The e-Rostering software helps to ensure that shifts are filled by appropriately skilled staff at all times – whether substantive, bank or agency – by linking directly with BankStaff or NHSP. Managers benefit from making bank requests directly from the roster, and from seeing bank and agency assignments as part of the roster, while bank office staff receive requests that are more timely and are able to easily check against substantive duties for WTD compliance.