Modern and flexible elearning for health and care


Modern and flexible elearning for health and care

Allocate DevelopMe+ LMS delivers elearning for health and care.

Modern health and care is complex. It is delivered by multiple staff groups and clinical disciplines working together in a variety of care settings across a patient or a service user pathway. It works across care settings and even across health economies. What is more, our solution can be adapted to meet the specific needs of these settings, whether that be for hospitals, primary or community care, mental health and beyond.

Safeguard quality of care

DevelopMe+ provides a robust training solution to support modern health and care organisations unlock the opportunity to respond to the changing needs of the sector.

Engage and retain staff

DevelopMe+ enables organisations to tailor elearning for health and care sectors regardless of need and offers development to each staffing groups’ needs, whether online, in the classroom or blended. Find out how DevelopMe+ can incorporate the most cutting-edge elearning technologies.

Designed for eLearning for health and care

Unlike other elearning solutions for health and care, DevelopMe+ works across multiple organisations, enabling organisations to devise learning and development plans for health economies and ICSs.

DevelopMe+ works at multiple levels to assist organisations to increase their compliance. By providing users with a selection of attainment methods to gain skill-compliance, your trust can drive down costs by using assessments to check topic understanding before requesting individuals book on lengthier eLearning or face-to-face delivery. Find out how technology is driving an evolution in elearning for health and care.

Webinar: Learning Systems and eLearning in Health and Care - Covid-19 and the People Plan

Join Shona Blackhall, Product Manager for DevelopMe+, as she explores how e-learning for health and care can help deliver your People Plan. Just add your details to access the webinar instantly.


Self-booking, simple reporting, clear information, as well as notifications of impending deadlines and refresher periods, all empower individuals to take control of their skill profiles. DevelopMe+ is accessible via any internet connection and does not restrict access to only within the NHS network.


Team dashboards and easy access to data ensures managers have the information they require on a team or directorate level to proactively manage staff and risk.


Through clear reporting, DevelopMe+ allows trusts to maintain a clear and accurate audit trail of compliance levels within the organisation. This allows informed decision making and robust risk management across all staff groups, including new starters, bank and agency staff.


Using DevelopMe+ standard reports, or by building your own, evidencing compliance for CQC is straightforward and accurate.

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DevelopMe+ eLearning for health and care: Frequently Asked Questions

We have a broad range of training needs. How can DevelopMe+ address this?

DevelopMe+ can offer the level of personalisation your trust needs. Our LMS is designed to meet the needs of elearning for health and care sectors and can offer training according to role no matter how complex your organisation.

Our staff have different learning styles. Will they all have to get used to getting their training delivered online?

No. DevelopMe+ can manage and deliver blended learning, including face-to-face sessions, eLearning, coaching and self-paced learning, as well as integrating external training sessions from your preferred vendors. Your staff can learn in a style suited to both their and your organisation’s needs.

Does DevelopMe+ support staff if they move out of the NHS?

DevelopMe+ enables individuals and trusts to provide a training history report for your leavers to take with them to their new employer, inside or outside the NHS

Can Allocate provide content for my training courses?

Allocate works with trusted partners for healthcare and non-healthcare learning content. If you have a partner you would like us to work with, please let us know.

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Learning and development matters to your people. Organisations that invest in learning and development have better staff retention and attract more staff. This is vital at a time where there is a global workforce shortage and over 100,000 vacancies in the NHS alone.