Simplify the payroll process for temporary workers and collaborative banks

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Payroll for temporary workers can be expensive, especially for those individuals who may only work for a short period.

AllocatePay helps to reduce your agency spend with our HMRC Approved Solution that can issue weekly payments via the traditional PAYE mechanism, or as a limited company. With deductions for tax and other liabilities taken at source, including the ability to facilitate auto-enrolment into pension schemes such as NEST, whilst still remaining compliant with IR35 regulations.

AllocatePay also supports Cloudstaff and collaborative banks by taking the burden of payroll away and making payments for collaborative banks simpler and faster.

Cost reduction

Attract workers to bank, pay additional substantive hours and enable agency Direct Engagement.


Fulfil all legislative requirements including HMRC RTI submissions.

Visibility & control

Real time data and reporting highlights the agencies providing you the best candidates at the best cost.

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Are we still employing the candidates?

You are still the employer. We are simply acting on your behalf as a Payroll Bureau using your PAYE number. We calculate all IR35, auto-enrollment pensions and eRTI contributions and run weekly payments, ensuring we pay the right people the right amount at the right time.

Do we still have to set up the candidates in ESR?

With auto creation of candidate profiles, there is no need to create them in ESR saving the time and administrative burden.

How does AllocatePay support collaborative banks?

Allocate Pay can issue weekly payments for collaborative bank staff via the traditional PAYE mechanism, or as a limited company, download our datasheet here find out more.