Intelligent, timely and effective staff communications and feedback

StaffEngage is a unique staff engagement solution that uses event driven data from HealthRoster to target intelligent, timely and effective staff communications and feedback. It improves response rates and provides a more reliable and relevant measure of staff views and experience.

It flexibly enables organisations to be connected with staff at all times; empowering staff with information and listening to their views and experience.

What difference does the HealthRoster intelligent targeting make? HealthRoster knows who is on every shift. Imagine a bank nurse has just finished a shift, how powerful would it be to quickly ask that nurse two or three questions about the ward just as they finish the shift? Or imagine you are running flu clinics on particular days and want to remind the staff on shift in that location with a simple targeted message to their phone….the possibilities are endless and because it is fully integrated to HealthRoster it is really easy.

  • A reliable and effective offering that is built to maximise existing intelligence in HealthRoster.
  • A powerful method of collecting valuable and regular information through the most popular form of communication – mobile devices.
  • Flexible and adaptable to serve needs according to local conditions based on the context and challenges faced by the individual organisation.
  • Relevant, as it enables tracking progress and driving improvement on the go and on a regular basis.
  • Seamless adoption and rollout for organisations, eliminating the need to source multiple solutions from multiple providers and the burden of administrative work around data sourcing and compiling.
  • Scalable offering, you can launch an ad-hoc campaign, regular communication, to a single ward, specific group or trust-wide.
  • Confidential and anonymous facilitating complete openness and interaction with the message that is being delivered.
  • Helps secure financial incentives linked to staff feedback, health and wellbeing, as well other healthcare initiatives.

Effective staff engagement is a proven critical  factor to deliver both safety and efficiency. There is evidence supporting the positive impact it has on everything from mortality rates, infection control, absenteeism and turnover. It is estimated that absenteeism alone costs the NHS as much as 10.3 million days annually. At a time where there is great pressure on all healthcare organisations to manage costs and while there are shortages across many staff groups the return on investment is clear; it is more important than ever to ensure staff engagement is used intelligently for the good of staff, patient outcomes and organisational sustainability.

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What our customers have said…

"Engagement was also a critical factor in explaining absenteeism. The effects were such that high levels of engagement were associated with much lower absenteeism than low or moderate levels of engagement. An increase of one standard deviation in engagement would be equivalent (all else being equal) to a saving of around £150,000 in salary costs alone for an average acute trust."

Michael A West, Lancaster University and Jeremy F Dawson, University of SheffieldEmployee engagement and NHS performance