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Improve your workforce efficiency with Greenlight.

e-Forms designed for the NHS.

Improve your workforce efficiency with


e-Forms designed for the NHS.

Intuitive NHS workforce e-Forms

Don’t be slowed down by forms!

GreenLight e-Forms improves the efficiency of your workforce by automating your most commonly used forms, enabling fast and accurate communication across your organisation. The forms are fully customisable to fit your organisation’s needs, improving processes such as absence management and starters and leavers, and allowing better management of budgets including reducing overpayments.

Information is communicated quickly and accurately across your NHS organisation, your processes (such as absence management, starters and leavers…) are improved whilst budgets are better managed and overpayments reduced.

Improve the efficiency of your organisation and start saving now with Allocate GreenLight.


Fast, efficient, accurate NHS e-Forms

Efficient workflows

Automate your workforce processes to increase visibility, efficiency and accuracy.

Quicker recruitment

Get the right staff in the right place quicker.  Information is communicated quickly, accurately and bottlenecks removed.

Accurate payment

Reduce overpayments with a fully auditable process ensuring payments are visible and authorised.

ESR integration

ESR data is automatically populated within forms, significantly reducing the need to enter data manually.

The process of using GreenLight is very simple and allows the HR team to quickly approve establishment control forms when they are raised by line managers. This means we have a visible workflow that allows us to track and action new appointments, personal and workplace changes for staff, as well as staying on top of notifications for when employees leave the Trust.

Kate Thomas
HR Services Manager, South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust

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GreenLight Key Features

Streamlines workflow management

Configured around your workflows and terminology

ESR integration

Single sign-on for easy access

Auto-populated templates, saving time and improving accuracy

Alerts and reminders

Secure repository

Detailed reporting and detailed audit log for improved governance

Speed up your process with e-Forms

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