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In our recent content series, we have been exploring the importance of job planning for AHPs. We’ve discussed how Job Planning is the best way to link resources with quality outcomes for patients, is a useful element in service redesign, and how documenting professional activity in job plans can better understand its workforce capacity and match it to patient needs.  

In this blog we take a look at the benefits of utilising a digital job planning solution, instead of the more commonly used spreadsheet or paper-based solution. Although both these solutions are inexpensive, they also create challenges such as heavy admin burden, lack of transparency and inaccurate data.  

What are the benefits of a digital job planning solution? 

Here we talk you through the top three ways a digital solution can support you to more effectively manage job plans for your entire workforce.  

 1. Easier to manage  
Using job planning software can massively reduce admin time and enable job plans to be easily linked to an eRoster. An intuitive management user interface allows you to manage multiple staff groups at the organisation or specialty level, ensuring personal and organisational goals are aligned and met.

Using a digital solution also enables you to quickly search for job plans, locate users and filter to track the current progress of job plan rounds. You can also easily access a variety of different reports and data at the click of a button, providing a clear visibility of service requirements.

2. Greater flexibility 
Utilising a job planning software helps to empower staff to create their own job plans, ensuring they create a plan that fits their individual needs. You can also easily capture and track any changes, view historic job plans and easily update to reflect individual or organisational changes. 

3. Linking to Service Demand
Creating digital job plans provides a clearer visibility of the service data and allows an easy link to patient data for full transparency. A digital job plan can include placeholders to show available resources and enables you to combine your demand and capacity for enhanced planning. You can also easily create team plans, highlighting any potential shortfalls, ensuring job plans are delivering service requirements.  

Ready to find out more about a digital job planning solution? 

We have a variety of resources that can help you on your job planning journey.

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