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Practical hints and tips from the Allocate Customer Success team

From Dean Vincent, Customer Success Analyst

  • Create ward/unit skills and assign to shifts within the demand template, and to appropriate bank staff, to restrict bank workers who do not have the desired experience from self booking via Employee Online.
  •  Save time and assign the Take Charge skill to multiple staff  in personnel using the CTRL key and multi selecting.
  •  Did you know double clicking a vacant day against a person on the View Rosters screen automatically opens the Add Unavailability window?
  •  You can use number keys on your keyboard when creating demand in the demand template instead of the “People Required” field.

From Kiri Hargreaves, Customer Success Analyst

  • Roster Perform – the roster approval lead time in the ‘All Metrics’ tab is really useful for getting compliance to approval dates.
  • HealthRoster – Gateway; if you set all your skills (NMC, Mandatory Training etc) to have a start date of 01/01/1900 you can then use the Gateway to load all updated skills – no manual intervention needed.

From Leigh Malyon, Customer Success Manager

  • To improve accuracy of Roster Costings, ensure budget information uploaded to each cost centre excludes “On-Costs” such as Employers Pension Contribution and Employers NI. Essential for preventing over inflation of ward and dept budgets
  • Use Gateway Weekly – A regular, schedule process to run Gateway, and resolve any ESR/HR mismatches, will save time, reduce failed extracts to ESR, minimise the risk of over/underpayments to staff and improve Trust and reliability of HR data.

Were these useful, do you have any tips to share? Let us know in the comments below.

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