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The last couple of years has heralded the rise of mobile Apps that are revolutionising healthcare. Many of these apps are driving transformation in the delivery of healthcare and making a demonstrable difference to patients’ lives, but less attention has been given on those that make a difference to the lives of the NHS workforce. Allocate’s e-Expenses app seeks to change that by making staffs life’s easier. But can such an app help change the way the healthcare employees perceive expenses? And can this really benefit the wider healthcare system?

Enabling spontaneousness

Millions of people share the pain of submitting monthly expenses claims, yet most of us avoid this task for as long as possible. This isn’t surprising as completing monthly expenses is a thoroughly disinteresting task. But this procrastination can cause the expenses problem to spiral quickly out of control resulting in an expenses backlog and even more psychological pain. Mobile apps are champions of enabling human spontaneity, and this form of impulsive motivation could be key in eradicating expenses procrastination. Allocate’s e-Expenses app enables employees to apply a spontaneous approach to completing expenses so they’re able to tackle them whenever they like, where ever they are; On a train journey or queuing in a supermarket.

Creating positivity

My personal experience of working in the NHS has taught me that NHS staff are amongst the proudest you’ll meet, but they’re often frustrated the NHS is viewed as a technological laggard. Most staff are itching for opportunities to change this perception and Allocate’s e-Expenses app provides a vehicle for repositioning the NHS at the forefront of technology. Its GPS capability removes the need for manual mileage entry, and smartphone cameras means receipts can be uploaded instantly. These features provide the perfect opportunity for healthcare staff to generate positive dialogue with colleagues and friends, altering the laggard perception and creating infectious positivity.

Focusing efforts on what makes a difference

Some people suggest staff apps such as e-Expenses don’t benefit healthcare delivery. But I’d ask those individuals to think again, because it undoubtedly makes staffs lives easier by reducing the psychological and time burden associated with expenses, and this enables staff to dedicate additional focus on the work that really counts; delivering exceptional healthcare.

Our NHS workforce do a fantastic job but rarely do we provide them with tools that genuinely makes their lives easier. Isn’t it about time we increased the emphasis on this? After all a motivated, positive and focused workforce is proven to correlate with the delivery of high quality care.

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