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RESOURCES | Back to Basics Hub | Allocate Workforce 

People often tell us how the basics all add up to make a big difference. Yet the basics are often taken for granted. Revisiting them and adopting new basics that your peers use always delivers quick wins and a firm foundation. That is why we have decided to capture as many of the ‘basics’ as we can in the Back to Basics Resource Hub, beginning with actionable tips and tricks from our colleagues with tangible experience in health and care. You will know many of the basics; you will do some of them already. Others might be new ideas to you but tried and tested basics for others. The Resource Hub provides a platform of ‘basics’ to revisit and reinforce some of the fundamental but high-impact areas that will make a difference to your people, patients and organisation. 

Visit the Resource Hub to find resources across multiple themes, including reducing temporary staffing spend and rostering the medics workforce, as well as information on Rostering and Leave for the workforce. Watch the Team-Based Rostering Masterclass to hear from Lyn McIntyre (Director of ICS Engagement, RLDatix) on her fundamental considerations for your rostering project, or read our practical How-To Guide on Unavailability. Calculate your organisation’s potential savings on Temporary Staffing Spend with our StaffDirect Direct Engagement Calculator, 

Find these and more on the Back to Basics Resource Hub 


RESEARCH | Physician burnout undermines safe healthcare | BMJ 

A comprehensive systematic review of physician burnout in particular has been published in the British Medical Journal this month, bringing together 170 separate studies of the topic into a composite whole. The findings of this review are striking and instructive for all of us who touch health and  care technology. Darren Kilroy, Medical Director (International) at RLDatix shares his view point on the research in his latest blog. 


WORKFORCE REVIEW | Medical Staffing | NHS Employers  

Published on 26th September, the report by NHS Employers provides insight into the key challenges faced by the medical staffing workforce and departments, and raises the profile of their work and important contribution.  

The report was developed based on principles, that can be used to provide the framework for systems to begin discussions on how to work in a more collaborative way, and to support the need to make changes that will create new and more effective ways of working, meeting the needs of the service and staff. 

The detailed report offers statistics and real insight in the form of quotes to provide a picture of the current reflections. It concludes with The ‘THREAD’ model which describes actions to transform the profession for the future and provides key opportunities based on the research findings: 

  • Task share 
  • Help 
  • Recruit and retain 
  • Educate 
  • Appreciate 
  • Develop 

Visit NHS Employers to read the full report.

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