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REPORT | Quality in Retreat | Beamtree

This must-read report provides discussion to highlight the decline in the focus on quality by the leadership of health systems all over the world. Published 26th July 22, by the Beamtree Global Impact Committee (GIC) draws upon debates chaired by Dr Mark Britnell, Global Healthcare Expert, KPMG International; Senior Partner. The decline of quality is not just another inflicted outcome of the pandemic, but an issue that can be traced far back as the global financial crisis of 2008. Read the report to gain insight from the experienced members of the GIC who offer contributions to debate around questions such as;

‘What more can healthcare leaders do?’

What new ideas and technologies can we learn from and develop?’

How can the focus be on what matters – patient care, safety and experience in an environment in which staff morale and well-being can also flourish?

Read the Full Report


RESOURCE | Eight elements of positive staff experience | NHS Employers

Designed for specialists in all areas of staff experience, including health and wellbeing, reward and recognition, staff engagement, freedom to speak up guardians and EDI leads.

[Image: NHSEmployers]

This handy resource features an interactive tool (pictured above) which breaks down each of the following elements;

  1. Culture, leadership and management
  2. Organisation-wide plan
  3. Know your data
  4. Evaluate and act
  5. Communication
  6. Initiatives
  7. Take a preventative approach
  8. Engagement

Click through each area to get high-level tips, then dig deeper into each element in detail by expanding each section on the web page, for some actionable insights to see you on the right path in providing the best experience for your staff.

This way for positive staff experience


TOOLKIT | HPMA | InclusiveHR Toolkit

This toolkit provides a practical step-by-step guide for people professionals wanting to get on board, feel part of something and play their part in the #InclusiveHR social movement for change and implement the ‘5 step challenge to change’.

[Image: NHSEmployers]

Described as a social movement for change focused on recognising that the racial inequalities existing in society are replicated in HR & OD departments. Our focus is on reducing these disparities, becoming more inclusive and leading by example as a profession.

Access the toolkit


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