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With capacity across the whole healthcare system being stretched, additional pressure is being put on community care teams to pick up extra demand, creating some familiar challenges:

  • Having the time to create and manage efficient schedules
  • Dealing with changing patient needs on a daily basis
  • Managing siloed data from multiple systems
  • Making sure all staff have fair and achievable workloads
  • Ensuring you are providing the safest care possible and staff are safe at all times

Managing care in the community has many of its own unique challenges. Creating efficient schedules shouldn’t be one of them. Systems need to be working harder to support care teams to be as efficient as possible.

Discover three key areas that the Allocate eCommunity system supports, allowing you to create intelligent community care schedules to overcome the above challenges:

  1. It’s all about continuity of care
  • Empower patients, by allowing them to select and record a preferred clinician in the Allocate eCommunity system. This ensures continuity of care, which is proven to improve health outcomes.
  • Matching patient need to the correctly skilled clinician avoids the need to re-schedule visits. Allocate eCommunity provides you a clear view of patient needs, allowing you to easily match the patient with the correctly skilled clinician.
  • By reducing travel time of clinicians with more efficiently planned schedules in Allocate eCommunity, you can increase the amount of time spent with patients.
  • Changes to schedules happen on a daily basis. A clear view of staff schedules means you can easily reprioritise urgent or high priority visits, allowing you to quickly adapt and provide responsive care.
  • For clinicians out in the community, a quick and clear view of patient data is vital. Allocate eCommunity provides staff a real-time view of patient information, making sure safe and appropriate care is provided.
  1. It’s all about safer staffing
  • Matching staffing levels to demand and patient acuity is harder without a clear view of staff availability. Allocate eCommunity gives you a future and real-time view of availability (including sickness and booked leave), meaning you can plan-ahead, according to demand.
  • Staff are only safe if they have the information they need to provide the required care. By giving workers a transparent view of patient requirements and activities for the day ahead, they can confidently provide the safest care possible.
  • By creating fairer and more achievable workloads in Allocate eCommunity, you are supporting staff satisfaction and empowering them to provide the highest quality care.
  • Ensuring the safety of your staff in the community can be challenging, the ability to clock in and out always provides you visibility and reassurance of the location of your staff.
  1. It’s all about transparency of data
  • Siloed data in separate systems can make scheduling and managing change really difficult. Linking Allocate eCommunity to your Optima eRostering system puts your data all in one place. You can see real-time staff availability, staff duties, skills and rosters, supporting safe staffing levels and patient care.
  • Administration is a big part of any clinical job. By connecting Allocate eCommunity to your Patient Administration System (PAS), staff have easy access to up-to-date patient data, reducing admin and eliminating duplication of work.
  • Being able to manage change and plan service improvements for the medium and long-term benefits both staff and patients. Allocate eCommunity provides you a clear view of schedules and workloads supporting you to efficiently plan ahead.

Watch the video to find out more about how Allocate eCommunity can support you to personalise care, prioritise patient safety and support safer staffing or chat to a member of the team.

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