Start date: 24/10/2019
End date: 24/10/2019
Location: Manchester Central

The recently published Interim NHS people plan places an important focus on making the NHS a better place to work. This event, jointly hosted by The King’s Fund, NHS England and NHS Improvement, explores the type of cultures we want to nurture in the health and care system and why, through insights from experts working in the system.

The agenda will support leaders to develop their understanding of the different types of cultures that could work as a solution, such as learning or just, safety, improvement, compassionate and inclusive, and how they join up.

Visit Allocate in the exhibition to pick up a brochure full of Allocate Award winning case studies – chosen by a panel of independent judges – showcasing innovation and best practise in healthcare. Find out who won the awards for “Achieving cultural excellence” and “Making your organisation a great place to work”.

We care about helping people deliver the best healthcare. Our technology provides the tools to support a culture of excellence, fairness, flexibility and safety; helping to make the NHS a better place to work.