Discover how our customers have saved over £40 million combined through rota planning

eRota gives you peace of mind by creating fully compliant junior doctor rotas which meet the requirements of the new deal / 2016 junior doctors’ contract at the same time as the European Working Time Directive (EWTD), and tailors them to service and training needs. The eRota software allows you to anticipate rule breaches, eliminating the unexpected costs that can arise as a result of non-compliance.

Easy conversion

Adapt new deal rotas to 2016 contract rules with just the click of a button

Pay assessment

Allow eRota to accurately calculate pay for all rotas, including mixed grade rotas

Exception reporting

Increase ease of exception reporting for junior doctors, with real-time recording via secure online accounts

Discover HealthMedics Optima

Get eRota as part of HealthMedics Optima, a powerful all-in-one package that includes eJobPlan, ActivityManager, MedicOnDuty, LocumOnDuty, and MedicAppraisal. You’ll also get access to our free training and accreditation from the Allocate Academy and a Customer Success Analyst to ensure you get the most from your Allocate solutions.


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What training and support is available with eRota?

We understand it is not always possible for managers, or clinicians to be experts in both the new deal / 2016 junior doctors’ contract rules and EWTD regulations. With eRota, expert training and instant access to the Allocate HealthMedics help-desk comes as standard. If you need help with understanding policies, or building and managing rotas, you can be sure that our friendly specialists are always on hand to give you guidance and assistance.

How easy is it to create a junior doctor rota?

eRota has a ‘Global Rota Search’ which gives you access to thousands of compliant live new deal rota templates, so you can get started in next to no time.