Automates timesheet processing for all staff

eTimesheets does more than just automate existing manual processes. The application delivers improved accuracy of payroll data and reduces the administrative burden of timesheet management. It also simplifies data entry, automatically calculates enhanced payments using Data for Change rules and submits claims to ESR, resulting in cost savings and efficiency benefits across your organisation.

eTimesheets is unique, enabling you to eradicate time-consuming paper-based systems that are susceptible to manual errors, individual interpretations of payroll rules and poor security.

The application electronically calculates accrued enhanced hours utilising data of actual shifts worked. This approach completely removes the need for your managers or staff (including flexi-time workers who are not rostered, for example) to understand complex payment rules, ensuring the accuracy of data prior to uploading into ESR.

What our customers have said…

“Implementation of the Health Connect-ESR Interface on HealthRoster has saved considerable time within the Payroll Department not just in reducing manual keying but also “data prep” of incorrectly completed timesheets. Timesheet data being transmitted to ESR is now far more accurate than before, resulting in a reduction of over payments, underpayments and advances. In addition to this end of month queries are far fewer, and in the first instance, are reported to the unit manager instead of to Payroll.”

Clive Bennett, Payroll ManagerSurrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

“The system has reduced the requirement for manual input, allowed for reporting and tracking of agency requests, as well as the electronic submission of timesheets – the bank office is now paperless. Since go live we have seen a significant reduction in agency usage, a reduction in wrongly completed timesheets, and an assurance that WTD breaks are being deducted”

Yvonne Hood, Associate Director of WorkforceSouth West Essex Community Services


Unique data entry approach – staff positively report by entering only their hours of work, leave and absence, rather than referring to pay rules and calculating what they think they should be paid. The process is simplified, enabling staff to dedicate more time to patient care.

Auto-calculation – unique timesheet engine functionality calculates the pay hours from the work entered, allocating pay based on pre-defined payment rules, reducing the potential for error.

Integration with ESR – full integration with the NHS Electronic Staff Record (ESR) reduces the administrative burden on the payroll department.

Fraud prevention – by calculating claims against hours worked or absence taken, fraudulent claims are reduced.

Enhanced security – the solution supports enhanced security, through electronic recording, reporting and evidencing.

Recording of absence – as well as recording worked time absences such as sickness and annual leave are also entered and transferred to the ESR.

Integrated solution – eTimesheets is integrated with other applications to offer a complete end-to-end workforce management solution, including:

  • eExpenses – which helps ensure claims are made correctly by cross-checking with attendance or absence data and allocating payments in relation to Trust-specific pay rules and variations
  • eRostering – a fully integrated solution that manages the entire NHS workforce process from meeting patient demand to establishment management, through to staff working preferences, absence management, rostering and payroll
  • Bank and Agency Management – which manages all bank and agency requests and is completely integrated with the roster, resulting in streamlined processes and the tracking of working time directives.

Key Benefits

  • Increases accuracy of payroll data
  • Improves security by calculating claims against the hours worked or absence taken
  • Delivers time savings within payroll – not just in reducing manual keying but also in the ‘data prep’ of incorrectly completed timesheets
  • Results in fewer month-end pay queries from staff
  • Robust ESR links further reduce the administrative burden on payroll
  • Enables staff to enter data quickly, releasing time to care
  • Improves staff satisfaction


e-TimesheetThumbNaileTimesheets delivers improved accuracy of payroll data and alleviates the administrative burden of timesheet management.

The solution can be used as a standalone to automate timesheets for all staff, or as part of an integrated solution with our HealthRoster product to manage the timesheets of non-rostered staff and put in place a more effective solution to achieve improved accuracy of data, cost savings and efficiency benefits across the organisation.

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