All of our partnerships are built on a single foundation – increased business success for our customers. We focus on working with companies whose products and services add real value to our offering, through increased performance and efficiency, greater functionality, or extended support and implementation services.


Channel 3 Consulting

Channel 3 Consulting is an innovative consultancy offering practical solutions to ensure that the sector can continue to respond to the increasingly complex needs and pressures of 21st century healthcare. Our organisations work together in partnership to assist healthcare organisations in the following areas: business case creation, joint webinars, advising the NHS on various aspects of NHS policy and funding routes, benefits realisation. Visit Website

NHS Professionals

NHS Professionals is the largest provider of managed flexible staff to the NHS with over 50,000 nurses, care workers and doctors signed to its banks, placing over 2 million shifts a year, recruiting over 400 fully-screened and qualified flexible workers a month, and serving over 120 NHS Trusts. Visit Website


Softcat are a leading provider of IT infrastructure to the corporate and public sectors. Softcat’s commitment to the public sector has been demonstrated through securing accreditations on several of the most high profile national procurement frameworks. A strategic alliance with Softcat enables clients to compliantly procure Allocate Software’s solutions under the robust terms and conditions that public sector IT procurement requires. Visit website


SCC, a best of breed technology solutions provider specialising in infrastructure, SCC has an enviable track record for helping European based companies and government organisations source, integrate and manage their infrastructure to deliver more for less. Visit Website