Wagestream is a financial wellness platform backed by some of the UK’s leading charities such as the Joseph Rowntree Foundation. They have a proven track record of working with employers to support their employees by, reducing absenteeism, improving productivity and employee wellbeing. The platform enables employees to track, stream, save and learn.

Allocate InstantPay, is powered by Wagestream and combines a market leading income streaming solution with Allocate’s expertise in workforce planning systems, to create a powerful solution for NHS Trusts across the UK.  This new combined solution aims to address the demand amongst NHS employees for greater financial flexibility, helping to reduce staff stress levels while increasing retention and employee engagement.  It also helps to fill hard-to-fill shifts by allowing staff to get paid rapidly for any extra shifts they’ve worked, and save NHS resources by reducing the reliance on agency staff and removing the need for payday loans, or pay advances which take time and are expensive to process.

By combining the expert knowledge, expertise and workforce planning systems of Allocate with Wagestream’s income streaming, full financial wellbeing suite and expertise, we have created a powerful solution for NHS Trusts that will allow them to reduce employee stress levels, help fill harder-to-fill shifts, increase attraction and retention of employees and ultimately, lead to better patient care.