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RealTime’s Combined Referral module has been updated and improved in version 6 to address the needs of today’s integrated health and social care referral process.  

The module design is based on feedback from existing RealTime customers, the Department of Health and NHS England guidance on integrated care and requirements drawn from the 2014 Care Bill. 

We have re-designed the way these referrals work in order to facilitate a single combined referral process data set with social services and other community services. 

The Combined Referral module is optional, but is managed as a part of the RealTime core product, and as such all customers will benefit from enhancements made in future releases as well as having the opportunity to take part in the product roadmap.

The Combined Referral module consists of the following functional areas:

  • A locally configurable score-based Discharge Risk Assessment
  • A Combined Referral dataset based on RCP/PRSB guidance that supports both Social Services and Community scenarios
  • An ability to send multiple referrals to Social Services and Community end points following completion of the Combined Referral form
  • Bi-directional workflow capability with Social Services, to enable the tracking of the status of referrals sent via interfaces
  • Extended workflow icons on the ward schematic views to track the progress of the Social Services referral
  • Combined referrals ‘whiteboard’ to enable tracking of referrals sent
  • Workflow in-trays for online Social Workers to gain access to referrals on RealTime (optional configuration)
  • Administrative tool to control the behavior of the module

Please email us at [email protected] if you’re an existing customer and would like to find out more about taking the new Combined Referral module. 

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