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All five Acute Health and Social Care Trusts across Northern Ireland have signed up to RLDatix’s e-rostering solution, Allocate Optima.

Healthcare staff in Northern Ireland will benefit from a decision by all five Health and Social Care Trusts to sign up to the same e-rostering solution through healthcare people management specialist, RLDatix.

Northern Irish Health Trusts including South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust, Belfast Health and Social Care Trust and Southern Health and Social Care Trust have been customers of RLDatix and Allocate solutions for a number of years, but this year saw Northern Health and Social Care Trust and Western Health and Social Care Trust also implement Allocate Optima from RLDatix.

The move will benefit clinical and non-clinical healthcare staff across Northern Ireland. The new system will help improve patient safety and support staff well-being by ensuring that wards have the right skill sets available at the right time. It will also reduce agency spend by enabling and encouraging both substantive and bank staff to book shifts easily and remotely, in addition to improving staff work/life balance and communication between the organisation leaders and their teams (EG).

The solution will also mean that staff working in different Health Trusts will be able to easily and seamlessly work across all 5 trusts allowing staffing to be flexed up and down when needed, particularly and in response to patient need.

Arti Fiaz, Managing Director UK&I from RLDatix, commented: “Our partnership with the five Health Trusts in Northern Ireland will mean a safer and more cohesive joined up healthcare system for patients and staff across Northern Ireland.

“We know that for patients, healthcare needs go beyond bricks and mortar and organisational limits. This move will mean patients and staff alike will benefit from a system that breaks down geographical and organisational boundaries and realises the benefits we know working collaboratively can bring.

“We are honoured that all five acute Health Trusts have chosen us as their preferred supplier for e-rostering solutions and look forward to seeing the benefits of all Health Trusts using one system across the lifetime of the contracts.”



About the Allocate Workforce Management Solutions Suite

In recent years the deployment of the Allocate Workforce Management Solutions Suite has transformed the way staff resources are managed in complex organisational settings such as healthcare. They bring all staff – whether temporary or permanent – under an efficient single roster, allowing managers to match supply and demand in complex and rapidly-moving environments. Importantly, the Allocate Workforce Management Solutions Suite offers a level of transparency that encourages fairness and consistency over how people are treated in a roster, supporting staff welfare as well as patient safety.

The suite of solutions includes:

  • Allocate Optima – creates complex rotas quickly and efficiently
  • Allocate Loop – a messaging, staff news and shift booking platform that gives staff greater control over their lives
  • Allocate BankStaff – making it easier to fill gaps in rosters
  • Allocate SafeCare – matching staffing mixes to patient acuity
  • Allocate JobPlan – job planning that matches service need
  • Allocate Rota – creating safe and compliant junior doctor rotas
  • Allocate ActivityManager– Effectively scheduling staff around activity levels
  • Allocate RosterPerform II – Easy to digest data and reports on performance

Allocate’s Workforce Management Solutions Suite is used by more than 800 organisations in over 10 countries. They support healthcare organisations to engage, plan, support and deploy their people and resources in the fairest and most effective way. Each week more than 2 million people use the Allocate Workforce Management Solutions Suite to manage their working lives.

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