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On the 16th August Allocate will launch its new look brand identity, we thought it would be great to speak with Dr Sati Sian, Allocate’s CEO about the new look and feel, find out what it means to him and what he hopes it will mean to our customers.

Sati, tell us about the new Allocate brand… 

The new brand has been created to better reflect what Allocate stands for and how it has evolved in terms of our business focus, our software, our people and the impact we have on customers. The new logo is an innovative design that is modern and reflects the elements that are important to Allocate.

What does the new brand mean to you?

Fundamentally Allocate is a software business that is focussed on people. Our software is improving the professional lives of over a million healthcare workers globally, we have an amazing team and our people are extremely proud and protective of the strong relationships they build with our customers. Of course the whole team is driven by the fact that our tools are ultimately about helping our customers deliver safe, effective and efficient care to patients and service users; something close to all our hearts. That is why I’m really proud that a Human is reflected at the heart of the Allocate A on the logo – this ‘Human Touch’ sums up exactly what matters to us as a business. And the modern design reflects the continuous technology innovation that we strive for at all times; from mobile enablement, Cloud and SaaS provision and the use of machine learning and intelligence.

We notice you have kept the purple colour…..

Of course! Our customers and others often refer to us as ‘the purple people’ that is not changing. The purple is a little brighter to better represent the energy of the company and our focus on innovation. Rest assured though, at the user conference in October you will still see the Allocate team in purple shirts.

What about the Right People, Right Place, Right Time message?

This has been used for nearly 10 years by Allocate; and it’s been embraced far and wide. It is still a key part of the overall brand and you will see it in documents and elsewhere; just not on the logo.

A lot of our customers use the logos on their own internal communications, can they get the new brand logo and use it?

Definitely, we want to encourage customers to use the new brand – I hope it will help customers in their communications. Customers can download the logo and other supporting tools. Look out for more communications from the Allocate teams on this.

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