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Medics Monthly Round Up | November 2023

In our November edition, we have a round up of the latest product news, a recap on available courses surrounding medics workforce management, and your invite to our latest network event, surrounding Assure Appraisal.

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PRODUCT: JobPlan Customer Focus Group

November also saw our latest Allocate JobPlan Customer Focus Group take place. Our product and success teams were joined by people from across 20 organisations. During this session, the team shared an update on plans for the next release due in February and talked through concepts for future development. 

Thank you to everyone who attended. Your insights into how you want new functionality to work and your priorities really help us to shape the product roadmap.

If you are interested in joining a future focus group, drop as a message at [email protected]

EVENT: Assure Appraisal Network

Following the success of our recent community events around Allocate JobPlan and Junior Doctor WFM, we are holding our first network all about Assure Appraisal (aka MedicAppraisal). This will take place on Wednesday 29th November, at 2pm.

During the network event (formerly known as Community Catch Up), you will hear from members of our Customer Success and Product teams, where they will discuss recent hot topics and share a product update.

If you would like to attend our first ‘Assure Appraisal Network’, you can register here

Register Now!

Don’t forget to watch our most recent Network events (formerly Community Catch Up’s) on the Support Portal.

Junior Doctor Workforce Management Network

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Allocate JobPlan Network

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GO LIVE: 400+ new Medics on Allocate Optima

We have recently completed an accelerated Go-Live of Allocate Optima, for over 400 Junior Doctors and Consultants at Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust. It’s great to see so many new medics now live and seeing the benefits of using Optima.

Sarah McDermott-Lennon, Workforce Systems Project Lead, shared her feedback following the completion of the project:

“It has been great working with Catriona on this project. She made sure to put in weekly catchup calls all the way through so that we could keep updated with where each unit was up to, and kept regular contact via email when she had any data gathering/build queries rather than waiting until our next call, enabling her to complete the builds promptly, but still to a high standard with all the correct information.

She also remained flexible with the changing need of the project. We had some units where there was a lack of engagement and so we planned to handle them outside of this the project, but rather than completing less builds Cat was more than happy to substitute them for other outstanding units that the rest of my team were working on. She managed to get these built in a timely manner despite the late delivery of the data gathering.

I would absolutely want to work with Catriona again. She delivered the project quickly and professionally, and all of the units that she built are now live and using the system”.

Thank you for the great feedback Sarah. We are so happy that Catriona and the team where able to deliver so efficiently for you.

ACADEMY: Discover our range of Medics Courses

Looking to expand your knowledge when it comes to topics including Activity Based Rostering for Medics, job planning and Junior Doctor workforce management?

Our Learning Academy have a range of courses and eLearning to help you make the most out of what you do. From those learning the fundamentals through to certified courses for more experienced users, there is a range of learning opportunities to suit your needs.

Discover more about our courses over on the website here, or get in touch with team at [email protected]

EVENTS: Supporting Collaborative Banks

We’ve been out on the road! Various members of our Product, Customer Success & Sales team have spent a few days in November at various organisations supporting the North Central London Collaborative Bank.

The NCL Collaborative Bank enables workers from across the 5 partner organisations to easily pick up bank shifts at the different locations, helping staff to gain different experiences, make new connections and fill vacant shifts more easily for the partner organisations.

Supporting the NCL Collaborative Bank team at various pop up events from across the partner organisations, the team were on hand to answer any questions workers had about the collaborative bank and help people get signed up. Additionally, it was great first-hand experience to get our team members and gather feedback from those using our workforce management solutions. Here’s just some quotes from workers we spoke to:

“When I worked my collaborative bank shift I was made to feel welcome by the unit that I worked on. The NCL collaborative bank is helpful to me because it gives me experience in areas where I would not have otherwise worked”.

“I am a student nurse and joined the collaborative bank to get experience working in new areas. I found it easy to sign up and it gives me the flexibility to work when I like to fit around my studies”

“I joined the collaborative bank because I want to gain experience of mental health services in other organisations within NCL and I also want to share my experience and expertise with others”. 

The North Central London Collaborative Bank is powered by Allocate CloudStaff. Discover more here about how we support Collaborative Banks here:

Discover More!

PRODUCT: Updates to Allocate JobPlan & Introducing SSO

In November, we released our latest version of Allocate JobPlan, version 1.9. In this update, we introduced various new features and improvements designed to make things quicker and offer you more flexibility in how you use Allocate JobPlan, including the ability to ‘lockdown’ job plans in bulk, and various user interface improvements.

Discover what is included in Allocate JobPlan release 1.9 over on the Support Portal

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We are also bringing Single Sign-On options to our Workforce Planning Solutions, including Allocate JobPlan, Allocate Rota (eRota) and Assure Appraisal (MedicAppraisal).

Discover more about Single Sign-On coming to our Workforce Planning Solutions

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PEOPLE SUMMIT 2023: On-Demand Content Now Live

Missed People Summit 2023? Or just want to watch back a session you attended? Our On-Demand Hub is now live and available for you to access.

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