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Medics Monthly Round Up | May 2024

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Last month we launched our new Medics User Group (MUG), which saw over 110 people from 90 organisations discussing medics rostering and job planning, as well as sharing best practice tips.

Our next MUG will be taking place on Wednesday 3rd July, 10am – 2pm.

Register to join our next MUG to hear about topics like the below:

  • Shared insights and learnings on medics rostering experience, from organisations across the UK
  • Insights and recommendations on team sizes and structures for Medical Rostering Teams and Medical Rota Co-Ordinators
  • Tips on how to self-roster your medical workforce, and the importance of doing so to support retention and flexibility

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Our latest blog comes from Darren Kilroy, Medical Director – International at RLDatix, who shares his thoughts on healthcare productivity and the key topic of job planning.

Like it, loathe it or indifferent to it, the announcements made concerning NHS productivity in the 2024 Spring Budget have implications for the effective use of job planning in the field. It is untenable to walk past a comprehensive and rigorous approach to medical staff deployment if the expectations set out in the Budget are to be met by the NHS.

The additional £2.5 billion of day-to-day revenue funding announced in the Budget means that, in real terms, funding remains flat. And there are no changes in capital funding any time soon. The pressure effects of recent industrial action and the existing backlog will likely see some as-yet-unannounced in-year top up funding through 2024-5.

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To ensure accuracy and consistency in the application of the contractual arrangements, NHS Employers and the BMA have jointly clarified the allowance for leave calculation for full-time and less than full-time doctors. These changes will ensure doctors are being paid correctly in line with the Terms and Conditions of Service for NHS Doctors and Dentists in Training (England) 2016 (TCS).

RLDatix have worked collaboratively with NHS Employers and the BMA, who collectively manage and maintain the 2016 terms and conditions, in support of this required change. Employers are advised to use this new formula in Allocate Rota for both new and existing juniors. The new calculation is now available in the Allocate Rota system (as of Wednesday 15th May on V 6.22).

To assist you with these changes, we hosted a webinar together with NHS Employers and colleagues from the BMA, where we talked through the changes, implications and action required. You can access the on-demand recording below, as well as some other useful resources including a step-by-step guide and a rota calculator.

If you have any issues accessing the on-demand webinar, please email [email protected] and a member of the team will be in touch. 

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Last month, we were excited to demonstrate our medics products at the JNC Scotland meeting. During the session we showed our suite of products, including Medic on Duty, Allocate Activity Manager, Loop, Allocate Job Plan and Allocate Rota.

The session generated a lot of questions, from which we have created an FAQ doc, which has now been shared with all Health Boards and attendees of the meeting.  

Did you attend the session and have a question? Any further questions or demo requests should be submitted via the Scottish Government, who will then pass onto the team at RLDatix. Please click the link below if you would like to submit a question.

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