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Medics Monthly Round Up | February 2024

Our February edition of the Medics Monthly Round Up is filled with information of how you can get involved with our new User Group and Networks, as well as information on our latest release of Allocate JobPlan.

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If you attend one of our Regional User Groups (RUGs), you’ll be familiar with the benefit these sessions have when it comes to sharing best practice, learning from other organisations and hearing first hand about RLDatix’s product roadmaps.

To help deep dive more into topics related around medical workforce management, we are pleased to launch alongside our RUGs, our new dedicated Medics User Group.

Alongside the established format of our RUGs, this customer lead and chaired group will have additional focus on our planning solutions including Allocate JobPlan, Allocate Rota and Assure Appraisal (aka MedicAppraisal) as well as Medical Workforce Rostering and Activity-Based Rostering.

If you would like to register your interest to join the Medics User Group, please complete the form below.

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Additionally, if you have any further questions about the Medics User Group, drop us a message at [email protected].

This February, we released our latest update to Allocate JobPlan, version 1.10.

This update brought new features and improvements including making ‘Overnight Activities’ a single item, improvements to the ‘Staff Number’ field and improvements to ‘Edit Activity’. All designed to make creating job plans easier.

To discover more about Allocate JobPlan release 1.10, you can read the full article over on the Support Portal, including short demo videos on these new features.

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Our next Network event (formerly Community Catch Ups) is taking place this March and is about all things Assure Appraisal (aka MedicAppraisal).

In this session, you’ll hear from our Customer Success Specialist, Tom Bird and Product Specialist, Hannah Kitchen all about the updated domains and recent hot topics.

This Network will take place on Tuesday 12th March, between 15:00 and 16:00 GMT. You can register your place via the link below:

Register for Assure Appraisal Network

Working in collaboration with BMJ, RLDatix are pleased to share a recent report on patient safety incidents.

This comprehensive study, engaging top healthcare leaders from 22 countries, identifies workforce and organisational factors as primary causes.

With over 90% of respondents valuing the integration of diverse datasets, the report emphasises data-driven insights for continuous improvement.

Explore the full findings here
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