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On Demand Webinar: Introducing Allocate DataHub

Discover the key benefits of connecting your workforce data directly to you BI tool or data warehouse. During this webinar we discuss how creating an automatic flow between your Allocate Optima workforce data and your BI Tool or Data Warehouse allows you to more easily analyse trends and identify areas for improvement, allowing you to more efficiently manage your staff, optimise levels of care and ensure staff wellbeing.

In this webinar, you’ll hear from:

Simon Courage, Chief Solutions Architect at RLDatix, who provides an overview of Allocate DataHub, our enabling solution that connects your Allocate Optima workforce data to your BI tool or data warehouse. He also talks about the insights you’ll be able to uncover by transforming your complex data into a clear and structured view.

Craig Ia Buscagne, Workforce Intelligence Manager at Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, shares his experience having their workforce data connected to their BI tool over the last 12 months, including:

  • The reporting and time-saving benefits they’ve seen so far
  • How they are providing assurance to their board on key matters
  • What the future looks like and how they are going to continue to transform their data into actionable insights

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