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We’ve kicked off 2023 by collaborating with some of our customers across workforce and safety in healthcare. Scroll down to discover what the RLDatix community have been getting up to recently… 

PROMPT Wales Celebratory Event 

PROMPT Wales is maternity safety programme funded by the Welsh Risk Pool. It has been developed to reduce variation and standardise the quality of training in NHS Wales and aims to improve safety and outcomes for women and babies.  On 12th January, the Welsh Risk Pool & PROMPT Wales National Team hosted a celebratory event to recognise the contribution of everyone in maternity services in NHS Wales and their contribution to making PROMPT Wales a success. 

RLDatix was very happy to have the opportunity to sponsor the PROMPT Wales Team Player of the Year Award, which was awarded to Midwife, Nicola Rees – congratulations to Nicola and all other winners from the day.  

Nicola Rees, Midwife (winner of the Team Player Award) with
Sarah Hookes (Assistant Head of Safety & Learning, NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership) and
Sarah Morris
(PROMPT Wales National Midwife, NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership)

Here are some other pictures from the team celebrating the maternity services in NHS Wales.

Risk Management Focus Groups 

On Friday 20th January we hosted a focus group in London with users of our risk management solutions to discuss the latest updates to national frameworks, provide updates on our product roadmaps and collect feedback to help inform our future product development 

Some of our key learnings from the day included:

  • During the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) workshop, we discovered that there is a variation in risk management across the NHS. There is a huge opportunity for our customers to share learnings and showcase how they are using their individual ERM modules.
  • Data analytics and AI are key trends in today’s accelerating market. During the workshop we reviewed current reporting capabilities of our incident management system and discussed the key features that would add value.
  • During the Learn from Patient Safety Events (LFPSE) workshop we identified key enhancements that would help improve the integration of the service with local forms, such as the ability to make non-mandatory LFPSE fields mandatory within the local incident form.

We will be hosting another focus group in February with customers, where we’ll be running more workshops to help inform our future product development. We’ll share more learnings from our second focus group session and how these are influencing our product development in the near future.

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